Sunday, December 07, 2014

Life Is Good!

My life is so, so busy at the minute, I seem to keep meeting myself coming back!
Busy in a very good way though.

For those of you who know me through my Face Book, the secret is out, for those who don't I will divulge!

As you know I love my boat with all my heart, those who read my blog will have read my glowing endorsements advertising the fact I am like a pig in poo! The only thing that has been lacking in my life was that, 'special person'.....I had started to give up hope of ever finding him...but then I did!

You, my blog readers will know all about my past relationships, so I don't need to run through them again. They didn't work out in one way or another, upsetting, but they didn't work out for good reason. I am a firm believer in fate. I really don't regret anything that has happened in the past, I have fabulous memories which drown out the not so fabulous ones!

 I liken my past experiences to rungs on a ladder. Life is like a game of snakes and ladders in a way, you climb up the ladder with good experiences you slide down the snake with bad. The euphoria you feel when once again you're climbing the ladder is immense, for me anyway.

I met Dan through a dating website, enough said on that score, but I won't pull dating sites down, as I would never have met Dan without it!

We instantly hit it off, and we were instantly comfortable with each just know don't you?

Another thing we do such a lot of is laugh, he makes me smile and laugh constantly, if a person can make me laugh they have won me over. I feel so lucky to have met him, I now see a future, a lovely happy one with a Man I love from the bottom of my heart to the top!

Ok, ok enough of the mushy stuff, but I truly have turned into a big softie, I like the way I feel, it's good for the soul!

It will be two years we have been together at Easter, two of the happiest years I have had in a long time. Dan says I am his, ' breath of fresh air', he must have been living in smog a while then! But for me it is lovely he feels that way!

So, to the news....My last Birthday, in June, Dan proposed! We had spoken about it and both said we would like to, but it came as a complete surprise! A surprise in more ways than one, as I had always said I would never go down that road again. Just shows, you should never say never!

My Birthday I spent in work, but the plan was that after work I would travel over to see Dan and we would have a coffee in New Brighton then home for a Birthday tea. Unbeknown to me, Dan and my Mum had hatched a cunning plan.....

When talking to my Mum one day about thoughts of settling down with Dan, she did ask did I think we would get married, I shocked myself by immediately replying yes, that I did. We then got on to the subject of engagement rings. The nicest thing then happened, Mum said she would like us to have the ring that my Dad bought her all those years ago when they got engaged. Now that really blew me away, I couldn't think of anything nicer, and how honoured I would be to wear the same ring my Dad got engaged to my Mum with. In a later conversation with Dan I mentioned to him how nice an offer it was for my Mum to make, he agreed it really was.....

Now back to my Birthday....Dan, without me knowing, had rung my Mum up to talk about us getting engaged and about the ring. My Mum suggested it would be a lovely idea to propose on my Birthday the following day, ( mmmmm was Mum keen to get me married off I wonder)!! Dan hadn't actually thought of  that, but decided it was a great idea. Sooooooo the next problem was my Mum getting the ring to Dan? Dan, like me, was in work on my Birthday, he is a Bus driver, so he was working right up till the time he was to meet me in New Brighton, so what did they do? Mum jumped the bus into Liverpool and waited for Dan's bus to pull in at one of his designated stops, she then stepped on the bus and handed Dan the ring!! How cunning were these two?

On meeting Dan in New Brighton I was totally oblivious to the forthcoming surprise. As always it was lovely to meet up with Dan, we were both in our work uniforms but we didn't care, and trotted off to have a coffee. After said coffee Dan suddenly declared he needed to walk along the front to the the theatre as he wanted to see what dates were coming up for a future show. I had no problem with a nice walk as it was a gorgeous day. There was good reason why Dan needed me to walk along the front with him.....

On one of our early dates, we met at a bench hut on the front at New Brighton, and that was where Dan was trying to get me to, he succeeded and we sat down just chatting and laughing about this and that. I then decided to stand up and suggest we start heading back for tea, Dan insisted I sit down again, he then promptly got on one knee and asked me to marry him, I was totally and utterly gobsmacked, I exploded into tears but laughing at the same time and said YES! I cried even more when he slid my Mum and Dads engagement ring on my finger, it was so very special to me to be wearing the ring my Dad put on my Mum's finger all those years ago, even more special as I lost my Dad to cancer when he was 61, he was taken far too early and I miss him soooo much, but to me it felt like he was so much part of this special day, he would have loved the fact that I was wearing their ring and that Dan has made me so very happy!

So my life has been enhanced ten fold since I met Dan, he is truly my soul mate and I am so looking forward to our future, and climbing the ladder together, and hopefully not sliding down too many snakes! Not to mention looking forward to the lovely Christmas we have planned for this year...but that will be another story!

I must also say a really BIG BIG Thank you from both Dan and I to my lovely Mum who helped make Dan's proposal even more special,
and of course to my lovely Dad too, who I know would have really liked Dan, as I have said before, I am a very lucky Girl!


nb Lola said...

Congrats to you both!

Halfie said...

Excellent news! Congratulations to you both, and best wishes for your future together.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you nb Lola, and thanks for reading!

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Aww thank you Halfie :)

abfab said...

Congratulations to you both, really enjoyed reading your story. Trudy ' Fallen Angel' x

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you Trudy :)