Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Looks…

New looks all around at the minute. Firstly, do you remember the Bridge by my moorings?

PICT0018 PICT0019

Not looking too good…….but now…..


The company who did the repair to the bridge have done an absolutely brilliant job, and as you can see it is back to the way it was before. I was fearful at one stage that it would never be the same again!!

Now to the next, “new look”…Tickety Boo, readers of my blog will be all too aware of my leap of faith, taking up a paint brush and painting the woodwork cream! Now I know a lot of you will have thrown your hands up in despair at the thought, but after a lot of thought I took the plunge and……I LOVE IT !! Not exactly cream, the dreaded Magnolia. As I have been working to, as always, a tight, very tight budget, Magnolia was on offer and cheap. I wanted a plain colour, kind of a blank canvas really. My curtain material was chosen, and from that I chose a lovely Duck egg blue/green for my kitchen units. Finally it is all coming together….slowly!

Before the Magnolia onslaught!….

  PICT0015  PICT0016 

PICT0020 And after the make over…..

PICT0003 PICT0002 PICT0001 

10176220_10201921404225209_1571156105146696498_n - Copy  



10298941_10201921844276210_4324812662292501914_n 10308098_10201921843476190_5339978667109327335_n

My Grandma’s old Scullery chair above, and right, I wanted pink accessories to warm up the cool Duck egg Blue!


10253794_10201921269941852_205027455363899804_n - Copy Finally, this shelf below is my next project…


My friend Mark kindly extended the back for me, so it will fit on the slanted cabin wall. This too will be painted Duck egg, and will go on the wall opposite the sink in the Galley when finished! I have just applied first primer coat, just about to apply second primer, then tomorrow the colour, the best bit!! I have had the bottom shelf cut off and the sides shaped so it will fit where I want it. Photos to follow when all done!

So as you can see I have been busy, busy but really happy with the new look Tickety Boo! Dan and I have a weekend together next week, so we are off out on the boat, it has been way too long since I last took her out, she will start taking root soon!!

Oh just on a bummer note… tv blew the other night, so I have a tv free life at the minute…..mmmmm can’t make my mind up if it’s a bad thing or good?  I still have my faithful laptop though, so keeping busy watching stuff on Netflix for now. I am hooked on Breaking Bad, so not missing tv too much just now. A new tv however, is top of my priority list!!

Finally, I couldn’t resist this little plaque…

1461455_10201960143553668_1808685019415420233_n Boats are always dusty so a fitting message!!