Sunday, July 08, 2018

Eight Legs, Two Tails and Lots Of Whisker's !

After losing my beloved little Scotty dog a few years ago Tickety Boo has not felt the same without a pet on board. I toyed with the idea of another dog but soon realised it wouldn't be fair to leave a dog for nine hours a day for four days.I then thought a cat may be a better as I have to work. I forgot the idea for a while but always felt there was something missing from my life. That is until I heard of kittens on the way! Through face book I had seen a lovely photo of a kitten called Pugwash, he was adorable and belonged to a fellow boater, it made me think again about a cat as a pet. The seed was firmly planted when Pugwash's owner told me that his Mum, Mia was having Kittens again! I contacted Mias owners to tell them I was interested in giving one of the Kittens a home! Once I had made that decision the countdown began! I was literally counting the sleeps! Mia would be pregnant for nine weeks, then I would wait for around eight to nine weeks to get my Kitten!

Mia's owners were kind enough to keep me updated with progress and they let me know when the kittens were born, photos followed and I just got more excited with each day and update. I think it was Pugwash's owner who said why not have two kittens? I hadn't actually thought of having two but the more I thought about it the more it made sense! if I had two they would keep each other company while I was out at work. I mentioned it to Mia's owners and they were happy to let me have two!

On the 29th October 2017 Mia had four kittens, sadly one didn't make it but the other three were doing well.

I was to have Sisters that I have named Kit and Pixie.

 This to date is one of the funniest photos of the partners in crime!! Looks like Pixie is giving Kit a leg up! These two balls of fluff have enhanced my life no end. They are such good company and constantly make me smile. I don't know what I did without them!

Yes I have to hoover more often, wipe around more often with anti bacterial spray. Yes my curtains have lots of claw holes in them, my shower tray is home to a litter tray. my pristine shower curtain is now full of pulls and my lovely white duvet cover is now fur coated, sticky rollers rule! The boat resembles a cat gym with toys strewn around the floor. A huge cat tree takes up space in the saloon. I can't turn my back for too long if I am preparing food, and I wouldn't change any of it! My boat is their home now I am just a lodger in their gaff! I had forgotten how nice it was to have pets about.
I love the greeting I get when arriving home from work. I don't even mind my really early wake ups in the morning, when the two little darlings tear arse around the boat which is akin to the wall of death when you see motor bikes in a cage!

 These two turbo charged fluff balls leave me in awe at their speed when chasing each other!! After waking me at silly o clock with their antics and me getting up to feed them, they then curl up and go back to sleep, leaving me wide awake at 5am! However they are forgiven as they are so darned cute!

I wobbled a bit when I wondered if I was doing the right thing getting two Kittens but it has to be one of my better decisions. I absolutely love how they have brightened my life! They are adorable and give so much unconditional love not to mention their duo comedy act, priceless!

Yes I am a smitten crazy cat lady and it's great! How could you not fall in love with these two?

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Sad Endings...Hopeful New Beginnings..

My post title tells it's own story really. Sadly my five year relationship has come to an end.
It does hurt like hell but we both wanted different things out of life. As this is all very raw at the minute I will leave it there. I really do hope we can both move on and be happy as life is far too short not to be.

I have always and still do love my life afloat, it isn't for everybody as I have found to my cost, but it is for me. I think 14 years afloat proves that fact! I have always wanted to share my love and enthusiasm for boat life with somebody who truly loves it as I do but I realise now that is not where my happiness lies. I can be happy alone, and I am the majority of the time. If that special person comes along great, if not I refuse to live my life being disappointed because I didn't find him!

I have done so much thinking and soul searching over the past few weeks, mostly positive thinking as I am a positive person. Negativity in any form drains me completely, so any signs of it I quickly try and diminish and replace it with a happy thought. It is so much nicer being in a good place rather than a bad and the only person who can control that is ourselves. It isn't and never will be anybody else's responsibility to make our own lives a happy experience! Hey my life isn't always positively rosy, I do have dark down days but it's how you deal with them and recover from them. I am sure as hell from now on going to make a concerted effort to distance my self from anything that doesn't make me happy! If that means going it alone I will. Fate will take care of the chances of me meeting my soul mate and if fate decides my only soulmate is me, then so be it!! I have a lovely family and a close circle of invaluable friends who really do prove there worth when you are going through a tough time. If I never meet my special someone these important people in my life will be enough for me!

I refuse to let the bad times of the relationship cloud the happy times. I want to look back on the many photos and smile at the memory because it was a good memory that made us happy in that particular moment. Happy memories firmly locked in my head and my heart!

Now to the reason why I have suddenly decided to write my blog again! It is something I love doing but have let it fall by the wayside recently. I love putting my thoughts down on paper as and when they pop into my head, cringe making for some people but going by messages and views of my blog some people really do enjoy my ramblings!

I had a lovely visit from my Cousin, Sandra, yesterday with her friend Doug. They are both seriously thinking of buying boats to become live aboard's so they wanted to pick my brains, I was happy to oblige! Doug surprised me by saying he had read my blog after Sandra had told him about it, how nice is that? I now know I have two fans, my lovely Mum and now the lovely Doug! I dedicate this post to you Doug as it was you who kicked my sorry ass into gear to dust off my lap top and write again! I am sure if they both go ahead with their dreams of living afloat they won't regret it..hopefully!

So for any of you who read this look out! I intend to delve into the world of blogging again!
I have lots to waffle about.

I have new members to the crew of Tickety Boo! For those of you who don't already know who they are all will be revealed in my next post!

So now back to today. The weather is again glorious, if a little too meltingly hot for me. Life on my boat is lovely anytime of the year but when the sun shines through all my windows it's truly magical and is full of happy light dancing on the ceiling! If that doesn't put a smile on your face you are truly missing out on the simple things in life which to me are precious!

Yesterday was spirit lifting for me, lovely visit from Sandra and Doug and then a really fun filled evening with Jules a couple of bottles of wine on the back deck while being entertained with a glorious sunset.

                                                            Jules, my wine swigging sidekick!
Perfect ending to a positive day! I had forgotten just how blessed I am to have the honour of being able to sit on my back deck on a balmy evening on my beloved Tickety Boo who I very nearly gave up. I am so happy I didn't..

Monday, September 11, 2017

Water Water Everywhere!

Well a hectic couple of weeks! My Daughters hen party, then the following weekend my lovely friends 50th Birthday party! It was a fantastic weekend, Jools was more than welcoming opening up her lovely home to a close bunch of friends and seven Dogs, yes seven! All dogs were so well behaved, I was in doggy heaven being surrounded by wet noses and waggy tails! Having not met her friends I was nervous, I needn't have worried they were all lovely and as nice as I thought they would be! You all know who you are so thank you for accepting me into your circle of friends, you are a great crazy bunch and it was great fun celebrating Jools Birthday with you all!

With Kirsty and Ians wedding day fast approaching, you can imagine it's all systems go on getting organised! Kirsty is a marvel and has everything in hand, it is going to be a wonderful day and I can't wait! I have surprisingly managed to get a dress and shoes for the big day. Now this is no mean feat for me, I really don't do dresses very often and I am even less likely to be seen in heels! I hate clothes shopping, so a few weeks ago when Mum, Heather and I had a meal at the Panoramic, we decided to have a look in some of the shops for a potential wedding outfit for me. Not looking forward to the task, we entered the dress department in Debenhams. I immediately spotted a lovely teal maxi dress, I tried it on and bought it, just like that,  painless and a huge relief! I have finally found suitable shoes too...they will last for as long as they have to but I know for a fact they will be getting kicked off and replaced with a more comfortable pair to party in.

Sneak preview of my dress.

Getting back to the meal in the Panoramic in Liverpool. My Mum had been given a voucher to have afternoon tea and very kindly invited Heather and I to join her. It was a lovely afternoon, the views from the 30+ floor were amazing!

 I loved this view from the Panoramic, the first stretch of water you see in the middle of the photo, is the Salt house dock, where any of you who have been through to Liverpool will have moored for your stay.


 This view across the River Mersey is looking over to where our flat is in New Brighton!

Liverpool link, 'Sids Ditch' the thin strip of water top right of photo. I love this trip through to Liverpool. Never tire of it and can't wait to do it again.

My lovely Mum enjoying her tea.

 Yummy Panoramic Afternoon Tea! Oh ok and Cocktails!

You may be wondering at the title of this post, water water everywhere, well.... You know I have already said how pleased I am with being in the Marina, and I still am, very much so but...
My walk to the bus stop to get the bus to work is a mile walk from the Marina, now I actually enjoy the walk to work, now I am over the shock of how far the bus stop for my 300 bus is! On a fine day it's quite invigorating and enjoyable exercise, however on a wet blustery rainy day, it's another story!

The road I have to walk down to the bus stop is somewhat busy with cars, motorbikes and huge lorries going about their business. The side walks in places are alarmingly narrow but as I said I have slowly got used to taking my life in my hands and doing the trek the days I am in work, ( apart from the days Dan let's me have the car which I fully and truly appreciate). It took me a little while to realise just how flooded and waterlogged this road gets when we have heavy rain and as you all know that has been quite often recently.

So one morning last week I woke to torrential rain but knew I had to bite the bullet and go forth into the watery hell of the outside world. On starting my walk I soon, to my horror, realised I wasn't going to get far before I resembled a drowned rat, actually that is an understatement! As well as the rain pelting on my umbrella the lovely car/van/lorry drivers were kind enough to share the puddles they drove through with yours truly, not happy with just sharing the puddles with the bottom half of my body they decided to drench me from head to toe! I was stopped dead in my tracks after my first experience of a wonderful cascade of water flying with a whoosh into my was cold and for a split second took my breath away. I valiantly carried on with the uneasy feeling of the dampness seeping through to every part of my attire, do they even do waterproof bras I wondered! Finally I made it to the sanctuary of the little wooden hut bus shelter, my bus shelter, as it's very rare anybody else would be daft enough?? After diving into the very welcome shelter I composed my soggy self and marvelled at just how much water my Primani trousers could hold in each leg, so much so I felt at least a stone heavier than normal! I knew I would have to pop my head in and out the bus stop to keep an eye out for my bus otherwise he would not see me and drive right past! I was just getting into the swing of popping my head in and out like a proverbial cuckoo in a clock, and thinking how clever I was dodging the water spray from the traffic when I heard the rumble of a huge lorry baring down on my wooden bus stop, ha I thought you won't get me in here, as I pressed myself to the back of the bus shelter with a smug grin on my face lets see you get me now...WHOOSH!! The lorry thundered past and threw the contents of the gutter flood into the hut, filled my only shelter wall to wall with a deluge of water from the top of my head to my soggy feet. The most shocking part of the dousing was the force in which the water hit me in the face, I swear it wiped every bit of mascara from my eyelashes!! So what did I do?? After using language my Mum would ground me for, I just collapsed into a fit of giggles at the humour of it all, is this really happening to me? Just then I spied my bus. Thankfully the lovely bus driver glided slowly through the water to a halt, not wanting to splash me...bit bloody late for that, If I had dived fully clothed into a swimming pool I couldn't be anymore wet. The bus doors opened and the bus driver just looked at the sorry state I was in. You know when you visibly see somebody biting their lip so not to inappropriately laugh, that was the look on the bus drivers face, my look of, ''Don't you dare laugh'' diminished the look pretty quickly, but then we both laughed.

I spent the rest of the day in work looking like a shaggy dog who had been swimming in the canal. I dried out surprisingly quickly but my socks remained soggy all day and my hair dried out to resemble a burst cushion, then again my hair looks like a burst cushion most days, so no excuse there then! I now have dry socks in my locker in work. Note to oneself, under no circumstances do I leave the boat on a rainy day without wellies and waterproofs head to toe!

I watched Cold Feet on TV the other night one of the characters , Adam met the same fate as me....

I sympathised with every drop of water that blasted him in the face...I was thinking, been there done that ha ha ha bet he didn't have to work in soggy socks all day!

Now because this is essentially a boat blog, I will leave you with these photos...

Tickety Boo, happy in her new mooring.

                                     View from stern door at Dusk.

                                           No place like Home..
                                         View from side hatch from my pontoon 
So that is me up to date! Lots to look forward to and as always happy with my lot! I swore I wouldn't light my first Autumn/Winter fire till at least October but I gave in yesterday! I love lighting the first fire after Summer. Cosy nights on the boat, with hot stews, soups and scouse cooked on the wood burner, with crusty bread to look forward to and snuggles on the sofa watching a movie with Dan. Happiness is...the simple things in life...                                 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back In Blog World!

Well we are now into August. As always it shocks me at just how fast time goes!

Having the boat in the Marina is a godsend. The atmosphere is lovely, the people are lovely and I feel so relaxed staying on the boat here. As much as I would rather be out travelling about on the boat, a future I am so looking forward to, if I have to have a mooring while I have to go to work, I can't think of a nicer place to be!

I feel really lucky that I have the choice of two lovely homes. My fab Tickety Boo and a lovely flat in New Brighton looking out over the Mersey! Still being near the water and watching the wide array of boats and ships leaving and arriving at the port of Liverpool is great, what more could a girl want?
My heart is in the boat and Dan's heart is in the flat but we both feel equally comfortable in either places, so we have finally reached a happy medium that suits us both.We both realise how lucky we are to have two great places to spend time with our favourite pains in the arse!

This month has been pretty manic, I spend a lot of the year not socialising that much, I am not much of a party animal but suddenly all the invites come together!! We had Dan's Sister Anns 60th. It was a great party and enjoyed by all! Then my lovely Daughter Kirsty had a hen afternoon in a gorgeous setting. Her good friend Clare organised it all and she did Kirsty proud! We had afternoon tea in the beautiful Vintage Tea Room on Mathew street in Liverpool. It was a fabulous place , food and service spot on. The whole place is realistically vintage and the atmosphere was so relaxed. For any of you boaters coming through to Liverpool it comes highly recommended for a visit, I promise you won't be disappointed!

This coming weekend I have another celebration, a lovely friend I met through our love of boats,  is celebrating her 50th birthday, you know when you meet someone and you immediately know you are on the same wavelength, well that is how I am with her. we haven't known each other that long but it doesn't feel like that, feels like I have known her a lot longer! I feel honoured that she has included me in her close circle of friends to celebrate her Birthday. I am so looking forward to a fun filled weekend...details will follow after the event! If allowed by the party girl of course!

So, Tickety Boo? I have had the boat for nearly 14 years now and I love her so much! Who knew?
Considering all that went on at the beginning of my boaty venture, not to mention all that has gone on during, all of which I frankly wouldn't change, I am more happy than I have ever been! All that has happened to me in the past has moulded me into the person I am now, and lead me into the life I have now, so why wish I could change any of it? I still worry when I look at the list of jobs that need doing to keep her maintained, but I know they will be done, eventually....and so worth the effort!

Dan and I are on a very even keel, ( pardon this old pun again). We have had our up's and down's, mostly up's I am happy to say! It is hard at times embarking on a relationship in your fifties, especially when you have had a period of being alone where you quite quickly get set in your ways!!

The main issue was our two completely different lifestyles!! While Dan likes the boat and feels at home when he stays here, it's not for him 24/7. I on the other hand feel the same about the flat! It did cause friction for a while, but as soon as we both realised we could tailor the relationship to cater for both of us and reach a happy medium, we both find ourselves in our own comfort zones and it's nice! Compromise on both sides works wonders for a relationship!

Looking back over the years I have been with Dan, including the downs, I am so glad we didn't give up and go our separate ways, we are good together but our stubborn streaks often cause havoc! Thankfully we get over the squabbles eventually, and get back to our happy selves.

More news recently, is that of my youngest Daughter Heather, I am so proud of her, as I am of Kirsty and Dean too, she has recently moved into her own place, she is renting a lovely little house and it is a credit to her. I have been on a couple of sleepovers with her since she has moved in, always great fun, we are both crazy and do a lot of laughing! I am so impressed with how she is coping. I know what she has done is not easy, it can be quite a shock to the system when you are responsible for all the bills but she is doing great, and it's lovely to see.

My eldest Daughter Kirsty has recently moved to a lovely part of the country, Tamworth. Her, Ian and the girls now live in a lovely little house and I couldn't be happier for them. The girls have settled into their new schools and are both amazing little girls who I am very proud of! I don't see them as much but it makes me happy knowing that they are happy with their Mum and Dad in their new home. Kirsty and Ian get married in September and I can't wait, that will be for another post though! Ian is all you could wish for in a future Son in law, they are a lovely little family.

My Son Dean is the only one left to fly the nest! His Dad has given him such a lovely home to live in for so long I know it will be a wrench for him. I am trying to encourage him to go over on the Wirral, the flats over there are lovely and quite reasonable rent wise. As he works over there it would make sense. I hope he gets settled soon, then I will be happy that all my children are settled in their own places...none of them have even considered a boat?? I find that unbelievable!! Maybe, and I am being tongue in cheek here, they're not mad enough like their Mum!!

I am hoping to get back into my blogging again, Heather has recently got a new lap top so has kindly let me bring her old one back to the boat, I am like a Pig in Poo! I can blog again.My last lap top gave up the ghost, my lovely friend Jerry the Wizard tried to fix it for me but to no avail. He did however save all my photos! I will be forever grateful to him for that!. I only enjoy blogging on a laptop, while I can do it on my tablet or phone it's not quite the same as tapping away on a keyboard, something I find very satisfying! As this is a new lap top, I need to get photos sorted and how to get them on here! It's surprising how quickly you get out of practice!

I am off work for two weeks and have many jobs I want to get sorted while I am off, Tickety has rust spots that need sorting before they get really bad, the weather however is raining on my parade, I am  living in hope that I will get at least a few days to get sanding and painting done!Story of my life but my big hunk of steel is so worth it! Dan is spending the two weeks holiday with his daughter Erin at the flat, I will hopefully join them for the odd meal or day out, It's nice that we can both do what makes us happy with our time off and then meet in the middle now and again! It's good to miss and be missed!

I promise my next blog won't be too far away, and will be accompanied, by photos that will make it more interesting! I have plans for Tickety Boo's decor, lots of plans, mainly the boudoir! I can't wait to get stuck in! I have to put those plans on the back burner for now though! I have the 50th party weekend coming up, then Kirsty's wedding then to top it off my lovely Mum is a fantastic 80 years young in October, so it is all go!! Not forgetting my lovely Dan's Birthday in September! I have to say I couldn't keep this social activity up long term but I am enjoying every minute!!

Just a thought before I the time all the social activities are over, thoughts will be turning to Christmas!! Where on earth did 2017 go??  As much as I hate to discuss Christmas just now, I am looking forward to decorating the flat for our first Christmas there! Apologies for mentioning the ''C'' word....

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Boat Village Life!

Well it's Saturday in the boat village, it's a gorgeous day even if the wind is a little cold.
I have been out and had a nice walk, been to put my rubbish in the bin...loving being able to do that!!
You always have to take into consideration just how long a simple task like taking your rubbish to the bin takes! Being amongst boats where ever you are, brings out the friendliness in people, so taking a stroll around to the bins often results in chatting to people, today was no different! I said good morning to a couple with two children and two dogs we got chatting as you do. They are excitedly waiting for their new wide beam to come to the Marina, they are ecstatic and it was palpable, I was soon smiling from ear to ear for them too.

They were asking how nice was it being on the boat and in the Marina, my enthusiasm for how nice it is just made them even more excited if that was possible! How lovely for them, I hope all goes well for them, I somehow know they are going to love it!

Over the years my mood has fluctuated over my life afloat, I have never once regretted my decision to take to the canal lifestyle, I just sometimes get days when it all becomes a little overwhelming, especially when things go wrong. But then doesn't everybody feel like that whatever path they choose in life? I am an over thinker, no in fact I am an over over thinker!! I take things to heart and let them hurt more than should be allowed...I wallow in worry at times then once through the other side wonder why I have been so daft. I dust myself off and carry on!

Whatever happens in my life be it good or bad I like to think I can walk away with some clarity as to why it happened, not everything is controlled by us though is it? As I have got older though, the wisdom that comes with age does start to make more sense, well some of the time anyway!

The one thing I find difficult, really difficult is why other people can't feel what I feel? I am hopeless at drifting off into my own little bubble, Danny could tell you all about that one, he just doesn't understand where I go when I get immersed in my thoughts, it's like I have walked through a door into another dimension one that not many others if anybody can understand, whats more I like it there! When something captures my attention, however mundane it may be to others, I'm gone and sometimes for some time!! Is that a bad habit or good depends on what way you look at it! If however there is something else interesting going on that keeps me engrossed I won't disappear to the annoyance of those nearest and dearest to me, I will stay involved with them in this new interest.

Dan and I find it really hard at times, we have such diverse interests and sadly it is putting a huge strain on our relationship. as much as I have tried to inject interest into Dan about this wonderful boat lifestyle he just doesn't feel it like I do.... there by lies the problem. We will hopefully work through our differences and come up with a solution....but time will tell.

For all you lovely couples out there who both love boat life, don't ever take that for granted. I have lost count of the amount of couples who struggle because one loves the lifestyle and the other doesn't. It's not wrong on either persons account just makes things a tad difficult!!

We will either come up with a solution or sadly go our separate ways...

In the meantime I will do my up most to be happy, and I am here, other areas of my life are not so, 'plain sailing' but hopefully the storm will be weathered and a calm outlook will resume!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another New Chapter!

Well here we are again, it's been a while since I last blogged.
My life is constantly changing, whose isn't?
I haven't felt settled for a long time. Always feel comfortable on Tickety Boo, she is my sanctuary, my big steel hug that envelopes me in her safe arms!
It's the outside things that have made me feel unsettled...

I am not going to linger too much on my last mooring. What can I say, it was fabulous while it lasted...until my happiness there was brought to an abrupt halt. Now this, 'Halt' was to me at the time a nightmare but as time has gone on it wasn't such a nightmare as a blessing!

I have many fond memories of my time at the club where I was moored for 13 years. I met some lovely people, who hopefully I will see out and about on the cut. I also, to my sadness, met people who shocked me to the very core with their actions! I shouldn't think for one minute these people would ever read my blog...personally I wouldn't want them to if I am being honest but the people in question know who they are. If they are proud in how they have conducted themselves it just sums up the type of people they are. Individuals I am so glad I have distanced myself from!

I refuse to go into anymore detail than that, as individuals they don't really warrant valuable space on my blog! My blog is for nice things, they are categorically not nice!

So, on to this new chapter. I am now in a Marina! I have always dreaded the thought of being moored in a Marina! Marina's to me always conjured up a picture of a car park for boats, how wrong could I be! I now liken it more to a village, a boat village. The atmosphere here is lovely, very relaxed and well run. All clean and tidy, lots of trees and greenery which I love, friendly people facilities are excellent and the Marina tea rooms are so relaxed and welcoming. You know when you go to a new place and it all feels strange, it takes a while to settle? It never felt strange here from day one.

I recently put a post on my face book saying that if boats could smile Tickety Boo would have a huge grin on her bow, but in the meantime I will smile for both of us!

Financially I have had to tighten my purse strings, but the extra expense is worth every penny for the peace of mind I now have, so much so I have decided to bore you all with my blog posts once more!

I have been off the past week feeling run down with a cold and all the stress of the past few weeks, not the nicest of periods in my life but now firmly put behind me. I once again have lots to look forward to.

I will over the coming weeks and months hopefully have interesting things to waffle on about on here so apologies in advance!

I have to add just before I go, aren't friends and family wonderful when you are having a tough time? I have such lovely people surrounding me and know how lucky I am. I have a lovely family who are always there for me. Also a lovely man who has been in my life for the past 4 years.  We are having problems and worries just now but I know given time we will get through it and it will be sorted one way or another. I am 60 in two years time and I want to live the rest of my life being happy, whatever that takes to achieve  I will strive towards...

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Life Is Good!

My life is so, so busy at the minute, I seem to keep meeting myself coming back!
Busy in a very good way though.

For those of you who know me through my Face Book, the secret is out, for those who don't I will divulge!

As you know I love my boat with all my heart, those who read my blog will have read my glowing endorsements advertising the fact I am like a pig in poo! The only thing that has been lacking in my life was that, 'special person'.....I had started to give up hope of ever finding him...but then I did!

You, my blog readers will know all about my past relationships, so I don't need to run through them again. They didn't work out in one way or another, upsetting, but they didn't work out for good reason. I am a firm believer in fate. I really don't regret anything that has happened in the past, I have fabulous memories which drown out the not so fabulous ones!

 I liken my past experiences to rungs on a ladder. Life is like a game of snakes and ladders in a way, you climb up the ladder with good experiences you slide down the snake with bad. The euphoria you feel when once again you're climbing the ladder is immense, for me anyway.

I met Dan through a dating website, enough said on that score, but I won't pull dating sites down, as I would never have met Dan without it!

We instantly hit it off, and we were instantly comfortable with each just know don't you?

Another thing we do such a lot of is laugh, he makes me smile and laugh constantly, if a person can make me laugh they have won me over. I feel so lucky to have met him, I now see a future, a lovely happy one with a Man I love from the bottom of my heart to the top!

Ok, ok enough of the mushy stuff, but I truly have turned into a big softie, I like the way I feel, it's good for the soul!

It will be two years we have been together at Easter, two of the happiest years I have had in a long time. Dan says I am his, ' breath of fresh air', he must have been living in smog a while then! But for me it is lovely he feels that way!

So, to the news....My last Birthday, in June, Dan proposed! We had spoken about it and both said we would like to, but it came as a complete surprise! A surprise in more ways than one, as I had always said I would never go down that road again. Just shows, you should never say never!

My Birthday I spent in work, but the plan was that after work I would travel over to see Dan and we would have a coffee in New Brighton then home for a Birthday tea. Unbeknown to me, Dan and my Mum had hatched a cunning plan.....

When talking to my Mum one day about thoughts of settling down with Dan, she did ask did I think we would get married, I shocked myself by immediately replying yes, that I did. We then got on to the subject of engagement rings. The nicest thing then happened, Mum said she would like us to have the ring that my Dad bought her all those years ago when they got engaged. Now that really blew me away, I couldn't think of anything nicer, and how honoured I would be to wear the same ring my Dad got engaged to my Mum with. In a later conversation with Dan I mentioned to him how nice an offer it was for my Mum to make, he agreed it really was.....

Now back to my Birthday....Dan, without me knowing, had rung my Mum up to talk about us getting engaged and about the ring. My Mum suggested it would be a lovely idea to propose on my Birthday the following day, ( mmmmm was Mum keen to get me married off I wonder)!! Dan hadn't actually thought of  that, but decided it was a great idea. Sooooooo the next problem was my Mum getting the ring to Dan? Dan, like me, was in work on my Birthday, he is a Bus driver, so he was working right up till the time he was to meet me in New Brighton, so what did they do? Mum jumped the bus into Liverpool and waited for Dan's bus to pull in at one of his designated stops, she then stepped on the bus and handed Dan the ring!! How cunning were these two?

On meeting Dan in New Brighton I was totally oblivious to the forthcoming surprise. As always it was lovely to meet up with Dan, we were both in our work uniforms but we didn't care, and trotted off to have a coffee. After said coffee Dan suddenly declared he needed to walk along the front to the the theatre as he wanted to see what dates were coming up for a future show. I had no problem with a nice walk as it was a gorgeous day. There was good reason why Dan needed me to walk along the front with him.....

On one of our early dates, we met at a bench hut on the front at New Brighton, and that was where Dan was trying to get me to, he succeeded and we sat down just chatting and laughing about this and that. I then decided to stand up and suggest we start heading back for tea, Dan insisted I sit down again, he then promptly got on one knee and asked me to marry him, I was totally and utterly gobsmacked, I exploded into tears but laughing at the same time and said YES! I cried even more when he slid my Mum and Dads engagement ring on my finger, it was so very special to me to be wearing the ring my Dad put on my Mum's finger all those years ago, even more special as I lost my Dad to cancer when he was 61, he was taken far too early and I miss him soooo much, but to me it felt like he was so much part of this special day, he would have loved the fact that I was wearing their ring and that Dan has made me so very happy!

So my life has been enhanced ten fold since I met Dan, he is truly my soul mate and I am so looking forward to our future, and climbing the ladder together, and hopefully not sliding down too many snakes! Not to mention looking forward to the lovely Christmas we have planned for this year...but that will be another story!

I must also say a really BIG BIG Thank you from both Dan and I to my lovely Mum who helped make Dan's proposal even more special,
and of course to my lovely Dad too, who I know would have really liked Dan, as I have said before, I am a very lucky Girl!