Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time for bed.

After our jaunt on the Link tiredness is taking over. We had a few late nights and ealy starts. My face is still tingleing after all the wind that howled around the Albert and Salthouse Dock. I feel like a layer of skin has been stripped from my face.exfoliation while you cruise! I am looking forward to my cozy bed. I put clean sheets on today so a nice clean bed to cozy into. Making up a bed on a narrow boat is a challenge. We have a permenant twin bed, I couldn't be doing with building a fold away every night. We more often than not use the stern door to come in and out the boat and as that's where our bedroom is I like the bed to look nice as you come in. I am proper fussy about our bed it has to be just so, cushions placed perfectly. I even use a wooden spoon to tuck down the quilt across the back wall where I can't reach. Heaven forbid I kneel on the bed to tuck in and leave a big knee dent! Now that just wouldn't do now would it! God I can't believe I just told you that!! Goodnight.

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