Sunday, July 05, 2009

Darling Fishermen!

Why when your happily sailing along on your boat do some fishermen glare at you? They have a look on their faces that makes me want to tell them to straighten their faces before they scare the fish away! To be fair most of them are great they give you a wave and a smile and appreciate the fact that you have slowed down for them, and I always say thank you when they move rods and poles so we can sail past.

You always get one miserable old git that moans, " Bloody Boats", as if we have a cheek being there! How very dare we make waves on their patch! When this happens and they moan, I politely ask them to remind me just how much they pay for their fishing license, I then politely remind them just how much I pay for mine!

To all you nice fisherman out there who are friendly and accept we all have a right to be there, Thank you, to all you miserable old gits out there, GO GET A LIFE,find another pass time, because fishing doesn't suit you, it makes you too damn narky!

That sure felt good. Rant over!


James said...

Glowering fishermen are a problem on the Cam too. Strangely I found the ones on the Middle Level very friendly indeed, every single one waved and said hello when we were there a couple of weeks ago.

What annoys me is the amount of fishing line I find on Kestrels prop, usually when we pick up weed its bound in place by fishing line - I have cut myself on the hooks several times.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi James I know what you mean about fishing twine around the prop, John has had a hook through his finger before today, very sore!

I suppose we should be grateful that the majority of the fishermen are nice, its only the odd one who let the side down!

Take care Debbie.