Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all, Love, Luck and Happiness in 2010! I could have added "wealth" to that list, but to be honest peace of mind is more important, and to be happy with your lot! Have fun in the following year, as I intend to!


Wozie said...

Hello Debbie,
You have achieved so much in your first year aboard, how lucky you are to have such a wonderful brother.
It seems like we have been living aboard for longer than four months as we have travelled around and met so many lovely people.
Even though we both got an accidental ducking in the canal it hasn't put us off. I think boaters are a tough independent breed ready for every eventuality.
You have our very best wishes for the year ahead, and keep on blogging!
nb Oakfield

lois said...

just found another page and low and behold...COSY TOES...we recently made friends when we joined Runcorn boat club and now see them on a regular basis....what a small world we live in...especially on the canals
Lois x