Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make molehills out of mountains!

I need to make all the mountainous tasks I have ahead of me into molehills! I keep going into absolute panic mode when I think of all the things that need to be done!

So instead of worrying how on earth I will climb those mountains I need to tackle them like they are little hills. Does that make sense?? If it does please let me know!

So as soon as I stop being the proverbial Ostrich, and make a start, the sooner I will have something to blog about. Its too easy just to sit and make excuses why I can't do something, too cold, too windy, too tired, too can't be bothered!!

Right pep talk over. I have wasted a couple of weekends now not doing anything, which just won't do, now I need to give myself a hefty kick up the back side and get myself motivated.

Now where do I start? Have you seen the size of that Mountain..........(sorry, molehill)!


Dave Winter said...

Make a date to start a job no matter how big,then once you start you won't want to stop till it's finished.The satisfaction in seeing the task completed will boost you to get on with the next one.It works for me.
Take care.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you Dave, sounds like a good plan! I know once I start it will be ok and like you say it will give me the incentive to see the job through. I ill keep you posted with photos of my progress!


Mark H said...

Hi Debbie, I invited some friends to go boating with me on the Colorado River and now I have to get my boat projects done! At least the ones necessary for the trip! Funny how things are good enough for me but not for guest!
Take Care

Beatnheart said...

I'm the same way...I hate doing jobs...I just like to do what I want when I want...If it needs to be taken care of you'll do need to stress...Maybe you should just take care of it and get it off your mind.

lois said...

Well I am sure you have bigger mountains than we do but having just moved aboard and loving every minute, were having problems motivating ourselves to drive back to the house to start emptying all the rooms it all seems too much. However in the past i have always said that if you think about the whole picture of the task ahead you will never want to start so break everything down and choose just one thing and forget the rest, you'll soon get into the swing of it that way.....hopefully.. x

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you, Mark, Beatnheart and lois. I think just being on my own now is a bit of a shock, but I am organising to have Tickety taken out of the water to have her bottom blacked, a mucky job but I quite enjoy it. Once that is done I can tackle the top half and get the painting done, luckily that can be done while she is afloat so I can do a bit at a time. I know once I start I will want to get her finished! I will keep you all posted!