Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trick of the eye, or Spirits?

On reading one of Cesca’s posts titled “Ghost Boat”, it reminded me of the odd experience I have had occasionally.

I always have the side hatch open on the boat, weather permitting and as I potter about I will look up when passing the hatch and wave to passers by, either on the towpath or fellow boaters.

As I pass the hatch sometimes I will look up to wave to somebody I have seen in the corner of my eye, only to find there is nobody there…..

I thought it was just me being slightly bonkers, but my ex John said it would happen to him too!

Is it just eyes playing tricks or are these indeed spirits from the past going about their daily business?

As I have mentioned there is a ruin of a chapel close by, (as photographed in previous post),when this happens on a Sunday I often wonder are these apparitions of people making their way to chapel for the Sunday service?

Ok, I will come quietly, just don’t tie the Straight Jacket too tight… 


Anonymous said...

Reading your recent post made me think of a wonderful series of books (7 of them) you might enjoy by author Diana Gabaldon. The first book in the series is titled Outlander. The next one is Dragonfly in Amber.

Outlander opens in Scotland in 1946 with Claire and Frank Randall who are married, getting reacquainted after being separated for years by WWII. There is a circle of standing stones outside the village. Claire goes up to investigate the stones and is pulled through them to Scotland of 1743 prior to the Highland rising.

She is chased by English army officers, captured by Scottish Highlanders who think she is a British spy, and ends up staying for several years and nearly burning as a witch before she can return to her own time.

Claire passes back and forth through the stones over a period of twenty odd years, as does her daughter who was fathered by one of those Scottish warriors.

The premise is these disappearances are the basis of the old folk tales; once upon a time two hundred years ago someone was taken by fairies and returned many years later.

The books are riveting if you like really good historical fiction and one is pulled so thoroughly into the stories one feels like a character in the story sitting in the room interacting with them.

I like the idea that perhaps what we perceive of as ghosts are the broadcasting of people who are still alive and going about their lives in their own era. Time is not always linear.
:) Jaqueline Almdale
Pullman WA USA

Debbie said...

Thankyou Jaqueline, it is food for thought. I will keep in mind your recommendation for a good read.