Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its here again…


Winters here with a vengeance! Woken this morning by the familiar sound of ice cracking under the boat. Made sure the fire was banked up last night so nice and cosy on waking this morning! The sun is shining on the frozen canal, the Ducks are doing their “Bambi” impressions, egged on by me throwing bread out on the ice to watch their funny antics!

I am not fazed by the Winter, I am not a fair weather boater. I love the quietness of the Winter Canal, and when its not frozen its a great time to cruise on a crisp Winter morning.

Ask me in a week how I feel about the winter, when the stand pipe freezes and I have no water, when I have to do what I did last year, scrape the snow off the roof of the boat to melt on the stove to do the dishes!

No bother….Bring it on!!

A reminder from last year what I have to look forward to! (Hopefully)!PICT0050


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