Monday, November 14, 2011

Nice Break.

Just had a lovely few days away with the Mr, in Wales. We stayed at friends of his who live in the gorgeous Clocaenog forest. I love it there, so peaceful and green. We were there to see one of the stages of the Welsh GB rally. It was great to watch, and after watching the first half from a safe vantage point, we decided to be a bit braver and stand nearer the track. I quickly decided maybe it wasn’t a good idea, when the first car hurtled out of the darkness of the forest, headlights blazing, straight for us! Luckily for me we were stood by a huge tree, that tree got my arms flung round it and I held on for grim death till the car roared past us! I did get braver with each car though, so the tree wasn’t hugged too many times. Just as I stepped away from the tree, a car flew past and splattered us both from head to toe in a mixture of grey mud and stones, we were covered! Mr even managed to catch one of the stones in his wellie boot!  We were in wet gear so it didn’t matter, just added to the fun of it all!

The Forest was magical, and I managed a few nice photos…

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The middle photo of the forest, looks like a film set, the colours were stunning, I only wish I had taken a lot more photos…I will next time!  


Halfie said...

I marshalled on a stage of the RAC Rally once - at Heaton Park in Manchester. Must have been 1975. Great fun!

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Halfie, yes it was great fun, and in such a lovely setting too!

Pete said...

Such beatiful photos of the forest, thanks for sharing