Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Post of 2012!

Firstly, here's wishing all Friends,Family and Fellow Boaters all the best for the New Year! My posts are very few and far between at the minute, I jokingly told someone the other day I have, "Writers block", not too far from the truth, I haven't done anything very exciting recently, don't want to bore you all with mundane every day life!

Christmas came and went as it always does, I was determined this year not to get dragged along with the commercialism of it all, it's just a money making racket, and though I am not in any way religious, the true meaning of the Christmas Holiday has well and truly flown out the window!! People spend so much money on things that probably end up in the bin! I didn't write any cards out this year, and my excuse to people was' that I wanted to save a tree! I am sticking with that one!

I did see my three gorgeous kids and my little Munchkin on Christmas day, all together under the same roof, a rare occurrence indeed. That made my day.

I was having a conversation with a customer in work about Christmas. We reminisced about the good old days. Christmas for me was a red net stocking stuffed to the top with an apple and orange sweets and a threepenny bit, and a few presents. I believe that my generation enjoyed Christmas far more than the kids of today. I remember one year receiving a little dolls house, made by my Grandad Jack. I was blown away when I saw it, and I will never forget that little house, can you imagine a kid getting a little square box dolls house today, they would be horrified! Kids of today get totally stressed out these days, that they won't get the same or a better present than their mates, all a great shame I think.

I am not a Bah Humbug merchant, I make the most of the holiday, but I quite happily wave it off when it's over!

The weather the past couple of days has been lovely, fresh, bright, and with a bite of frost in the air, lovely! The sky has been clear and vivid blue, and then jet black at night with a thousand stars twinkling merrily away!

Just as a parting shot before I go. There you go Homer, you shamed me into this one, good luck to you and Marj on your exciting new venture!

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