Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long Over Due Catch Up!

Ok, where to start! Well first of all Tickety Boo has finally got her lush green coat back…not before time!

As I mentioned in past posts, I was itching to have her looking, “cared for” again.

I used Dulux Weathershield, as I said I would, and couldn’t be anymore pleased with the result. It was lovely paint to use, even in the really warm weather, and I am really pleased with the finish…




I actually had a lot of before pictures, but annoyingly I deleted them from my camera by mistake, but these two give a rough idea of the improvement the paint job made!

I am chuffed with it! I want to put on a couple more coats, but as you all know the weather has taken a wet turn, so I will have to wait for a few dry days.

Now that the outside is getting there, my thoughts are on revamping the inside. I have had the boat eight years, with the same colour scheme, I want a RADICAL change. I know some of you out there, especially boaters, will throw their hands up in despair at this next comment…the wood has to go!! I love it but I want a change…I will take the bit between the teeth and paint…I want light, bright and airy, there I have said it!!  I have had the idea in mind for a while, but shied away from covering the wood grain, but recently I am beginning to find it rather dark and oppressive. My Daughter, Kirsty’s comment of, “ You have lived in a Sauna long enough”, has given me the final push I needed!!

A whole new can of worms have been opened!! Questions being:-

1. What will it look like?

2. Will I be sorry once the wood is covered? As there will be no going back?

3. Am I making a rod for my own back, having to paint every year, or at the very least wipe down everywhere after my Winter Fires?

I have mulled over these questions on many occasion, but I have the idea in my head now, and when Debbie gets an idea, it has to be done!

So love it or hate it Tickety Boo’s interior will be transformed!!

The transformation is not imminent, as I have the lovely job of scraping and wire brushing the Engine bay and giving that a couple of coats of paint, not a job I am looking forward to. Hopefully the new man in my life, Danny, will give me a hand, even if it is dragging me out of the bay when I get stuck! I know for a fact I will, as it is so fiddly!

Being a woman who loves soft furnishings and all the trimmings you add to a freshly decorated home, I am so looking forward to my new look abode! I have an idea of the colour scheme I want but you will have to wait and see!

I will be doing it on a very tight budget, but it should be interesting watching it unfold. I will be posting my progress on here. Oh and I will make sure the before photos won’t be inadvertently deleted this time!

Well, the weekend just gone was great fun! I went to the fair! Blackpool to be precise. Now I apologise now for my next sentence, it is not meant to offend but, I don’t really like Blackpool, never have… but to be fair I was really impressed with the revamped fair ground. The last time I went it was tatty and tired, this time it was lovely. All clean and modern.

I am proud to say I went on all the scary rides, Danny’s ringing eardrums is testament to that, I screamed like a gooden! it was great fun, I loved it! What made it even nicer, it was a treat off Danny, and the company of him and the lovely Kieran and Erin made the day even more enjoyable, so big thank you to them!

My bones are protesting slightly at the bashing about they endured during some of the rides, but well worth it I would say. The Big One, or Pepsi Max as it is now known, was unfortunately closed due to high winds, I was soooooo disappointed….oh ok, ok I wouldn’t have gone on it anyway, I only had to look at the height of it, that was enough to come to the decision of….NO CHANCE!

There  were a lot of queue's but sometimes that added to the fun watching the look of terror on some of the faces waiting for the rides to start!

So recently my life has been quite busy, going to work, painting the boat, spending quality time with the lovely Danny, seeing my adorable Granddaughters, oh and continuing practicing my singing as we have another show coming up soon!

It is the first time in a while I have felt really good about things, I am happy with my lot, and feel I have things to look forward to after a few years of ups and downs, I am smiling a lot more these days, so all good!

It has taken me a while to realise you are the only one responsible for your own happiness, you can’t off load that responsibility on to someone else. As soon as you realise that, your life changes for the better, mine has…could that be something to do with a certain person who has enhanced my new found happiness…mmm time will tell.

I have a lovely family and friends, so it was unfair to them to be a miserable sod, so I won’t subject them to that any longer, it isn’t really in my genetic make up to be miserable, so I will from this day on do my damndest to be happy…until the electric goes off when it is hammering down with rain and I am in my pyjamas…I can’t promise I won’t be moody, I am a woman, but I will make a concerted effort to still squeeze out a smile through the mood! Sorted!!

Oooo it’s nice to blog again, it has been too long…


Andy124 (nb Festina Lente) said...

The Green looks great on the boat... we have seen plenty of painted interiors and you are right when you choose the correct colours you can transform a place into a bright and airy place.

Anonymous said...

If the deleted photos were on an SD card or similar, use photorec to get them back. It's free and works on Windows, Linux, Mac.

Don't use the card until you've done the recovery though.

Takey Tezey Heth said...

Happy, Happy, Happy for you! Stay positive & keep that smile missus!



Halfie said...

Could you compromise, and paint just the ceiling to start with? You might find that makes enough difference.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

It is lovely to read your posts again! I missed you, :) Have you ever heard of a decorating term called pickling? It is a means of bleaching wood or washing it to make it lighter. Then one can coat it with a wash of transparent color. That might work to lighten up the interior, keep the beauty of the wood grain, but lighten, brighten and offer you a chance to add color.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you for all your comments. I take on board, (pardon the pun), all that you say.

Halfie, that may be an idea, thank you.

I haven't heard of pickling Jaq, that sounds like a great idea, I will look in to that thank you!

Hi Heth, Andy and Anon, thanks to you too!