Friday, July 08, 2011

News Of The World...

I for one will not miss this paper, I refuse to call it a news paper as it wasn't news as such, just leeches feeding of peoples despair and suffering, to add insult to injury they stooped so low by invading peoples private lives by hacking into their phones, decpicable behavior. It won't change much though will it, closing the paper down, another one will take its place. The only thing in my eyes that will change things, is us the public refusing to buy such crap, such a waste of good paper and trees to be honest. To the person who masterminded the hacking, go crawl back under your stone, you disgust me.


On a much lighter note, don't people say the funniest things? In work today on the till, a little old lady asked would I pack her shopping for her as she only had one leg?! I have yet to see anybody pack their shopping away with their legs!! For the record she clearly had two legs, and I would have packed her bags anyway!

Once shopping has gone through my till a lot of customers ask how much would I like? Well a couple of thousand would be great, but the £2:56p for their shopping will suffice.

Lastly, I have lost count of the amount of customers who have moaned about the rain, you know that fine stuff that gets you wet?? Compared to the heavy stuff that makes you dry I wonder!! It makes my otherwise boring day a lot more fun


Halfie said...

Two posts in two days? Steady on, Debbie!

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Halfie, I am an all or nothing person, as you have probably noticed!! I have recently had writers block, or should I say blog?? I am now on a roll! He he.


Anonymous said...

At least the guy who goes round with the placard reading "The End of the 'World' is Nigh" has been proved right at last!

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Very true Jim!