Tuesday, July 26, 2011



benharp damage1

This is, as has been said, an act of pure spite.

Why on earth would anybody stoop this low just to prove a point?

This handy work was as a result of a dispute between genuine customers, Tom and Jan, and Ben Harp Narrow boats. You can read more about this sad state of affairs on Nb Waiouru blog site. I feel truly sorry for Tom and Jan, and I admire the fact that they have brought our attention to this despicable behaviour. I don’t need to prattle on, as the photograph speaks volumes about the individual that did this, a good advert indeed....enough said.


Alan said...

This is awful and after me writing how nice people on the canal were
I know nothing of the true story it just goes to show that idiots patrol all walks of life. I really hate mindless vandalism its pointless stupidity
We on the canal are better than that and we can rise above it
God Bless
Big Al

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thankfully Al the nice ones far outweigh the nasty ones. Let's hope it stays that way.