Thursday, August 20, 2009

  Finally managed to get on Live Writer!

Well hopefully Heth on WB Takey Tezey, will be proud of me as I think I have finally worked out how to use Windows Live writer! It has only taken me a couple of months to work it out!

To be fair, I did try some months back only to give up, exasparated with myself, but now, here we are!

This post is just an experiment really to see how it all works. Apparently writing your blog with Live writer makes things a lot easier. When then does it get easier I ask myself.

Now that Tickety Boo is up for sale I think it would be a shame to let her go without letting you all see what I have been blogging about!

So now I will attempt to get some photos on here to show you.PICT0015                                                                                                                                  Tickety being moved to the boatyard we rented, after our original builders went Bankrupt.


   Me adding last minute touches, before the boat was transported to her mooring.



PICT0013 My Brother, John, driving the lorry taking the boat to the cut!






At last Tickety on the cut where she belonged!




This is what we were left with, after paying for a fully fitted boat. At least we now had the windows and doors fitted.




My Brother John, without him we would have been well and truly lost. He did all the plumbing and electrics, fitted the windows, the fire, central heating and numerous other things!




 The two John’s working in the Bedroom While the bedroom was being fitted, we slept on a blow up bed in the Saloon.


                                                    The Bedroom as it is now, after sleeping on a blow up bed for months, it was bliss to get  into a proper bed!


Things were beginning to take shape slowly. Tickety was starting to look like the boat I had dreamed of.



From this empty shell, sitting on deckchairs…..


                                          To this,our cosy home!


  From this half finished kitchen, with the two ring camping stove …





      To my “ Galley Slave” Kitchen!                                                                                                      

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