Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice Surprise!

I had a really nice surprise yesterday, a visit from Nb Cosy Toes, ( love that name ) and her crew. They were on  their way back from a trip through to Liverpool.


They had a great time, and really enjoyed the experience.  Sue Kindly showed me around Cosy Toes, she is a lovely little boat, immaculate and a credit to them all. It was great to meet them all, and I look forward to seeing  them all again.

Sue made me a cup of coffee, and then we came on board the boat I am staying on at the moment. We had a good old natter, then they headed off to catch up to Sue’s parents. They had gone on ahead on their boat, Cheshire Lad.

Cosy Toes had just pulled away when I noticed Sue had left her coffee mug on my boat! It will be a good excuse to go and see them to return the mug. In the meantime Sue, just so you know how your mug is doing……………..

PICT0002                        Not a happy Mug!

            In fact he has threatened to report you to,

                 The Cruelty to Crockery Association!


Sue said...

Hi debs, thanks so much. We had a wonderful time in Liverpool and thought the canal was absolutly superb. Everyone we met was just fab! It was a lovely suprise to see you on the way down and we looked forward to stopping to natter on the way back. We are now in Mancheste r for the pride weekend. Can't wait for the parade on Saturday. Anyway we shall just have to meet up again soon to catch up, maybe next time we could time it with Heth x take care honey and keep that chin up x Sue

Soulgirl said...

Love the mug shot... and nice to see you're happier :)

Debbie said...

Thankyou, Soulgirl, looking forward to new posts on your blog, ( hint hint )!