Sunday, January 02, 2011

Missing the Snow!

I miss how the snow made everything clean and bright, and how it made everyone’s garden look just as good as their neighbours! I miss the way it lit up the dark nights, and how it twinkled in the moonlight, I miss how it crunches under your feet when you walk in your wellies. I miss watching Bobby running through the snow like an excited child, I miss the boats looking like they were covered in white fur!

I found it a real let down when the thaw set in and stripped the countryside of her luxurious white coat.

What I don’t miss is the grey brown sludge, cold toes in said wellies, my bus to work going off because the roads were not gritted, no water as the standpipe froze, the boats floor feeling hard under foot because the boat lost all animation in the solid ice it was encased in. I like a soft floor that moves with you as you walk. The ducks all forlornly stuck in a little puddle, even though they could fly away they stayed all huddled sadly together. Not being able to walk Bobby as his legs are that little he was just ears above snow level!

Last but not least I don’t miss falling flat on my arse!!

For me though, it could all come back tomorrow, I love it!


Bobby little legs!


Debbie said...

I just love the dog in the snow and your pictures are beautiful.I don't miss the snow, we had so much then a warming trend finally melted it. That Dexter the Donkey of mine is truly bad and the snow buries all of his things, he only lives to eat.

Debbie in Pennsylvania, USA

Debbie said...

Hi Debbie, lovely to get your comment, and thanks for the compliment about my pics! Dexter is fab, I always wanted a Donkey, and very nearly bought a baby one at a horse fair some years ago! At the time I had a horse and she was quite enough to take care of. Please keep the gorgeous photo's of Dexter coming on your blog, he is so photogenic!

SeattleDee said...

I enjoy the imagery of your words and the lovely photos that accompany them. We spend the winters ashore, but after your post I think I miss wintering on the boat.

Debbie said...

Thank you, Seattle Dee, I love receiving comments on my blog, even more so when the writer lives in another country! I have had a quick look at your blogs, but alas have to go to work! I will follow your blogs with interest in the future though, your photo's are great. A Very Happy New Year to you! Debbie.