Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mum’s little visitor!


My Mum has a lovely garden and is lucky enough to have lots of wildlife that visit on a daily basis, from Pheasants, Squirrels, numerous wild birds and occasionally a fox!

This little guy has to be the favourite!

PICT0063                 After lot’s of day’s encouraging the little Robin with tasty titbits, Mum’s patience finally paid off!


  He will now, quite happily feed from your hand!


  He is getting quite cheeky now, coming right into the conservatory to have a nosey about!

PICT0055                                                                                                   Trying the armchair for comfort…


Even posing in front of my Daughter’s photographs,


  looking for all the world like a little ornament, placed carefully for effect!


Halfie said...

Is that LIVE food in the hand?

Debbie said...

Hi Halfie, no it's not live, they are dried meal worms, they seem to be his/her favourite!

Dave Winter said...

Hi Debbie,
Well what a great set of pictures,you would never have believed it if you had not taken these pics.
I'm still trying with my robins but they don't want to know.They only like the fat sticks and ignore the dried meal worms,I'll keep trying though.
Take care.

Debbie said...

Hi Dave, it did take Mum a while, to get the Robin to trust her, she would go out the same time each day and stand with her hand out, it took some time but was worth the wait. The Robin feeds from my hand too, and my Brothers. I was ecstatic the first time he sat on my hand! I can't take credit for the photo's my Mum took them but kindly let me share them with you on my blog. Good Luck!

nb Chance said...

Hi Debbie

The pictures are amazing, I would never have believed it!! Well done great pics and blog, keep it up.
All the Best Doug

Debbie said...

Thanks Doug, he is kind of cute isn't he!

Debbie said...

Hi Debbie,
I am the Debbie from USA with the bluebirds. I am amazed at the beautiful Robin eating out of the hand, he somewhat looks like an American Robin. Most of our robins went South for the Winter, and they love mealworms also. We are all trying to bring back the Bluebird here in the States. Did you know that the main enemy to the Bluebird is that English aka House Sparrow that was introduced here in the 1800's. I have witnessed a lot of their killing here. They should have never messed with Mother Nature. I love your Blog also, I am just learning about all of this.
Take care,