Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dazed and Confused

Please tell me that all expert Bloggers out there also got Dazed and confused in the beginning. Cast your minds back........ Hear I was merrily blogging away, got a comment from a fellow blogger,[Thankyou Eeyore!] Tried to send one back, all hell breaks loose, [well not quite] I couldn't write a new post or respond to my comments and I don't know what I did to cause this disruption? Anyway I think I'm back in the land of the Bloggers! To be honest with you all I'm not using a Laptop or a conventional computer I'm on the G1 from T mobile, which is like a little mini lap top. You may have seen the advert where they all start dancing in the station! It hasn't quite made me do that yet yet, but it sure as hell has made me dance on the spot a few times, especially when I lose the ability to blog! Anyway could you all just bear with me, I'm sure I will get it right eventually!

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