Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health Kick!

Since John had his Heart Attack we have decided, not before time, to change our eating habits. No more frying foods, cut chips out, eat more fish, fruit and veg. I always thought eating healthy would be really boring, but surprisingly it isn't too bad.

My Mum has bought us a fatbusting George Foreman grilling machine! Its great. I did peppers, onion and tomatoes on it last night it was delicious! We will still have treats now and again, life would be quite boring without the odd naughty nibble, but we will eat more sensible now. I need to lose weight any way, I stopped smoking nearly twelve months ago and have piled on the weight. If anything didn't move for more than a minute I would eat it! If I get any bigger I will need to shoehorn my self on and off the boat!

John has now stopped smoking too, so hopefully this will be the start of a healthier life style for both of us. John is getting stronger bit by bit each day, I can't think of a better place for him to be to get better. Being here on the boat is idyllic, with the added bonus being, we can pull the pins at any time and tootle off down the cut!

At the moment though, Ticketys engine is making a peculiar banging noise, as we are not sure what it is we will wait until we have her checked out before we take her out again. Its Sods Law, as soon as you can't take the boat out, you want to, but just in case the banging is causing any damage to anything in the engine, we won't take any chances.

Just before I go apologies once again for the lack of photos on my blog. It would be so much more interesting with photos. As I have said I am blogging on the T mobile G1 phone. I have no idea how to work out some of the gobbledy gook on the web on how to send pictures from my phone to my blog. I will keep trying but failing that we are hoping to get a laptop soon. Will that make things easier?? At least then I can take photos with my new Digital camera and then put them on my blog. I wonder how long it will take me to work out how to do that! Any bets?

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