Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everywhere's Green Again!

It amazes me how thing quickly become lush and green once the spring arrives. One minute the trees are bare, the next they are adorned in their fine greenery. The grass after sleeping all winter springs back to life, I swear it grows inches while we sleep! Have the seasons always changed so quickly, or is it just as you get older they speed up? I really hope we have decent painting weather this summer. We have concentrated more on the inside of the boat, so now that's finished, [ I know boats are never really finished, but you know what I mean! ] we really need to tidy up the outside. Tickety Boo's. Lush green paint is looking faded and dull so she needs a good few coats of paint. As we will be painting her outside we are depending on the weather being kind. As you all know if you paint and the metal is too hot in the sunshine, the paint goes like sticky chewing gum! If you paint too late in the day and the gloss hasn't dried properly, it goes damp of an evening which makes the paint bloom, [ I thing that's what its called ] which takes all the shine off the paint. So pleeeeease be nice weather for Ticketys paint job! I am off another week to keep an eye on John to make sure he doesn't do too much, he is doing really well, just feeling tired. He has had quite a few visitors and lots of Get Well cards, people are so kind. I have had really kind messages off other Bloggers wishing John well. One such message off a lovely lady called, Deb, who left a comment after she had read my Blog, " Wake up call". Thankyou for that Deb it really did lift our spirits and we wish you and your husband well. When you finally get your own Narrowboat I hope we are fortunate to bump into you somewhere on the cut. Well its nearly time for Dozy and Dim, [the nickname my Daughter, Kirsty gave us when we got the boat! ] to go to bed so I will bid you all Goodnight.

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