Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boatwork Envy!

All us Boatwives, ( posh name for Galley slaves! ) are now in a complete frenzy after reading Heather's post on her blog, Takey Tezey Tales, the one titled, " Domino effect " Within seconds of reading it we were all checking to see how dirty our cooker hobs are, or how grubby the rug is looking. So armed with rubber gloves and products so expertly advertised by the above, we are a force to be reckoned with!

I personally think Heather is a secret agent for cleaning products, I bet if you had a secret peek into her Kitchen cupboard its floor to ceiling freebies from fairy and Rugbusters! Through gritted teeth I will admit Heather should now be at the top of the charts for Best Hob and Rug, and I now would like to present her with, GALLEY SLAVE OF THE MONTH. Heather, please take a bow, we eagerly await your acceptence speech, ( no pressure! ) Actually joking aside I think bad job done good!

As for advertising products on our blogs, has anybody tried Mr Muscle Showershine, its fantastic, ( deep breaths ) when you have had your shower you just spray Showershine and it cleans your shower cubicle for you, no wiping rubbing or scrubbing, I kid you not its great! Just one more, ( see what you've started Heth ) Oven Pride, which is a big plastic bag that comes in a box with cleaning product. You put yukky oven shelves in the bag with said product, leave for stated time then hey presto gleaming oven shelves! Oh ok, to be honest I bought this product weeks ago and still havn't tried it, I will let you know if it does what it says on the box.

Then there are Micro Fibre Cloths what did we do before they were invented.....

I can hear the distinct echo of people all over blog world telling me to go get a life!! Oh ok then.....( nowt wrong with being Boat Proud is there? )


Heth said...

Hi Debbie,

Oh it's a hard life being a galley slave isn't it? I must try the Showershine thingy... Hilda Ogden rules Ha Ha.

Halfie said...

Hi Debbie, I've just come across your great blog. I'm going to have to add it to my list of blogs I follow!

I haven't yet discovered microfibre cloths - what's so good about them?