Friday, May 08, 2009

Celebrity on the Loose!

I was having a bit of a " Down in the Dumps " morning . What with recent events and coming to terms with what's happend. Anyway before I got too deep into myself pity mode, I heard somebody singing quite loudly on the opposite towpath. Its amazing how sound carries down the cut. It wasn't just somebody humming a tune, it was a full blown song. I couldn't resist having a peep to see who it was. Blow me it was Les Dennis strolling down the path singing his head off! Before I realised who it was he had gone. If I had seen him coming I would have opend the side hatch and given him a round of applause! Needless to say my wallowing in self pity came to an abrupt halt. Thanks Les, its not everyday your cheered up by a celeb!

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