Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Panic over!

I havn't been able to post anything to my blog for two days. I was just about to give in to hysteria, when I did something to restore my new post thingy.

I felt totally cut off from Blog World, well not completly, I was still able to catch up and read all the blogs I follow. I did post a comment to The English Blogger, but don't. know if it arrived, so apologies now for repeating my self.

I read the post on The Robber Button Blog about somebody passing a comment about the boat being like a Caravan! Before I go on I will just say at this point ,I have nothing against Caravans, I have freinds with Tourers and Statics and very nice they are too.

Comparing a Narrowboat to a Caravan is like comparing a House to a Tent! For a start Caravans don't float and you can't drive a Narrowboat down the Motorway, ( unless on the back of a lorry ). I have yet to see a caravan with a Rudder or a narrowboat with an Awning, mind you that might not be a bad idea, a bank awning for while your moored up.

A friend of ours came to see us on our boat, on entering the boat he said it reminded him of a train! So I gave him a sandwich curled up at the edges, a cup of tea in a polystyrene cup and got him home two hours late! Train indeed.

Now for a different subject, I have a request, will somebody please turn off the rain! I personally quite like the rain, I love the pitter, patter on the roof when we're all cosied up inside. I love the way after rain all the trees and plants look lush and fresh, but nuff is enough. As much as I love our dog, Bobby, damp Dog is not one of my favourite odours

Well hopefully out on the Boat at the weekend, I hope the rain has a rest and the wind stays in bed! I am used to getting wet being a Boater in England, but I swear I am starting to rust around the edges!

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