Saturday, June 06, 2009

DIY Porthole Curtains. ( Daytime )

I have seen a lot of Boats with Lace Doilys in the portholes. I can't crochet, and couldn't find 15 inch Doilys anywhere. I managed to find a 15 inch Quilt frame, similar to the hoops you use for embroidery. I bought two and because its a double hoop on each, they would do four portholes. I cut four circles out of some net and then stapled to the hoops. They look neat and tidy, don't block any light out and didn't cost the earth! Plus they give us a bit more privacy in daylight hours.


nb.bobcat said...

Hi Debbie

Trawling backwards through your blog as we speak and what a good idea about the double hoop quilt frames. I've been wondering how to make flyscreens for the portholes. I can spend the earth and get replacement 'flyscreens' from the porthole people but I wanted one for use in the bathroom and loo portholes while still keeping the stained glass in.

Clever Girl


Debbie said...

Hi Kath, thanks for your comment, I am so pleased you liked my idea, I was beginning to think people reading my blog would think I was mad! You have restored my faith in my own sanity!

I love making things, but it has to be quick as I am so impatient! I have washed the frames, and thankfully they didn't fall to bits!

Keep up the good work on Bobcat, she is really looking great!

Debbie. Nb Tickety Boo

C Anderson said...

Greetings from Alaska. I am attempting to make curtains for our portholes. I read your idea and love it; but, I cannot seem to envision your "net." Could you expand on how you cut the net and how to placed it on or in the porthold when you finished?

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi how lovely to hear from Alaska! The hoops I used as the frame are made of wood. I just pulled the net tightly over the frame and stapled it to the back edge of the frame. I then just trimmed away the excess net. Hope this helps.