Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frog Fright!

After reading Nb Bones post about the frog, it reminded me of something froggy that happend to me some years ago.

When we lived in a house we had a neighbour called, Carol. We got on really well and spent many a sunny afternoon chatting over the fence.

I was busy doing housework one warm afternoon, I had the french doors open to let in a breeze. I heard a commotion out in Carols back garden. On going out to investigate, I found Carol near hysteria! She had spotted a frog near her back door and was terrified it was going to hop in to her house!

Carol had, had a fear of frogs since childhood which I thought quite funny, as I quite like frogs. Me being the brave one offerd to move the little frog, who had hopped in to a corner so couldn't escape anywhere. As I stooped down and went to pick up the frog to my horror it sqealed, a real high pitched noise, well Carol screamed and I just ran with fright and ended up at the bottom of the garden!

I had never heard a frog make a noise other than a croak, but apparently its a warning to predetors or when the frog is in danger. So now you know, Frogs scream! Oh and for the record , so does Carol!


James said...

Does everyone have a frog anecdote? Mine is from my gap year, I was in tanzania with a group of people and we decided to sleep out under the stars. We all set up our mosquito nets in a line along the side of our truck and there was much discussion of the importance of tucking the net well under your sleeping mat to avoid the moosquitoes finding a way in. Louise was very worried about malaria so made a really good job of securing her net.

Everyone said good night and turned out their torches but a few seconds later there was an ear splitting scream. It turned out Louise had trapped a large frog inside the net with her and as soon as the light had gone out it started hopping frantically on her looking for a way out. She was so well wrapped up that she could not free it and by the time we had go up to help she was caught in the net like a fly in a web and the frog was nowhere to be seen. We eventually got her out after we had stopped laughing.

Debbie said...

HI james, we should bring out a book,"Froggy Memoirs"! We might start a new craze!