Monday, June 29, 2009

Great weekend!

We have just had a really nice weekend, we couldn't go too far, but that didn't matter, once you have pulled the pins and set off, your free!

We were supposed to be joined by friends but they had to back out last minute. So it was just Tickety Boo's crew of three. The plan was to set off Friday night but we thought we would wait and go Saturday morning instead. Best laid plans eh.

There have been quite a few guest boats staying on the moorings, waiting for their slot to go through to Liverpool. One such boat was a bright red wide beam with a creamy yellow roof. The boat is owned by Chris, we got chatting to him, and asked what the boat was called, he told us he was toying with the idea of calling it Rhubarb and Custard! Apparently that was the boats nickname on its mooring.

On Saturday morning Chris was moored opposite us on the public tow path facing toward Liverpool. He decided on the last minute he wanted to do a pump out before he left. The problem being the pump out was about quarter of a mile back the other way. Chris informed us he was rubbish at steering the boat backwards so would we give him a hand.

Well John looked at me and shook his head, but me being me will give anything a go once! On boarding the wide beam Chris just let go of the tiller and said to me, "Its all yours". Now wasn't quite the right time to tell Chris, I had never steered a wide beam before, let alone steer it backwards! So off we went, and I can proudly say I steered it all the way back to the pump out, and backwards through a bridge too, I was so pleased with myself. Chris commented the manoeuvre was expertly done, how chuffed was I?

It wasn't until the boat was safely tied out side the pump out that I told Chris I had never steered a wide beam before! He looked at me with a fleeting look of, are you mad woman! Non the less he thanked me very much. I then asked if I could look inside the boat. She was gorgeous, a really nice fit out and very tastefully done.

Now I will come clean, the boat was fitted with a bow thruster, which makes the job of going backwards so much easier. Its not something I have ever wanted on our boat, but I think on a wide beam they are really needed.

We eventually set off on our weekend away, early Saturday afternoon, after seeing Chris off. Well the inevitable happened, no sooner had we set off the heavens opened! Sods Law! We moored up and waited for the rain to stop which lucky for us, wasn't long, so off we went.

As I said we couldn't go far, so once we reached a nice quiet place we stopped. We were just beyond Heatons bridge, moored next to a field with a couple of horses in it. After having something to eat we just wound down and relaxed, bliss!.

I decided to call to the horses in the field, a lovely brown and white one came over to the fence, Bobby had never seen a horse close up before and his reaction was comical! His little eyes nearly popped out of his head, the horses head was probably the same size as the whole of Bobby! He promptly put his defences up and growled and barked at the horse. He really didn't like it at all, but I did manage to take some photos.

While we were out John said he would take me for a nice meal. When we got up Sunday, I cooked a full english We then just relaxed on the back deck and laughed at Bobby keeping a wary lookout for the big monster, ( The Horse )! After eating such a big breakfast we decided that on the way home we would call into the new Scarisbrick Marina for a meal. My Mum had said the meals were really nice there so we thought we would give it a try. It was quite nice to be able to sail the boat and moor up outside the coffee shop in the marina.

After studying the menu board, John and I both decided on the quiche with salad, then hopefully, ( in my case anyway ) followed by one of the delicious cakes on offer. Well, I would now like to describe how wonderful the meal was, no such luck! On waiting to be served I noticed it didn't look as if you could pay with your card! I was so disappointed. We just had enough for a coffee and a coke! So on to plan B, which was to sail out of the Marina, and on to The Saracens Head Pub for a well deserved Sunday Roast! Very nice it was too!

Changing the subject of stuffing our faces,to something completely different, Coots! While sitting on the back deck relaxing, I couldn't help but notice the plight of the mother Coots. While the baby Coots are all very cute and fluffy, with their silver grey feathers, the little buggers never shut up! They constantly screech, screech and then screech some more. The poor mother Coots must be driven nuts, its not as if they can shove a dummy in their mouths to shut them up like we can! I actually watched the Mum with one of her screeching off spring, she took so much and then she turned on it as if to say, " for goodness sake stop your whinging "! She then flounced off in a Cooty huff, and hid her self away for a bit of peace!

In the meantime John had thrown some Broccoli in the cut, this kept the baby Coots entertained for ages, diving to get it from under the water. I swear the mother Coot winked at me as she swam passed, as if she was so grateful that we were entertaining the kids while she had a rest!


Heth said...

Hey Debs,

First of all Bob with a cob on, well I'm gobsmacked he's usually so cool calm & collected!

Well done with the widebeam, buuuut the bow thruster must've made it easier, (a little bit) try doing that with ours! He He.

So... On that subject we're gonna book TT in to have a bow thruster fitted early next year, can't wait!


Debbie said...

Hi Heth, yes the bow thruster did make things easier, and they are a must on a wide beam. It will make things much easier for you and Dave, especially at pump out time! Debbie