Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well I have had good old play on my laptop, a bit too much of a play me thinks!

I played around on my blog with new templates, new layouts, font, colour and all that. You may ask why? Well just because I could! Now I can't get it back the way it was! Did you lot out there fiddle about like this, when you started blogging, or am I just too much of a fiddler?

My followers are now at the top of my blog, as much as I love you all I don't want you there! Goodness knows where my archives have gone??? Oh come back old template all is forgiven!

Well I will try again later, see what I can do, so in the meantime, to all you readers out there, can you just put up with my higgledy piggledy lay out. I promise Mr Blog Boss, I won't fiddle again.

Thinking about it, my original template was ok, why couldn't I leave well alone.

Well Nev, on NB Waterlily, THIS is what you call a whingy blog!!!!!!

Whinge over!


Halfie said...

Looks OK to me

Debbie said...

Thanks Halfie. I don't know how many times I have said to myself,"OH no what have I done"!after pressing an unknown button! I know its not Rocket Science, I'm just a late starter! Its all good fun though. Debbie.

James said...

After I mangled the layout last time I noticed that you can save your current settings before you start which makes it possible to quickly return to the old state.

Debbie said...

Thanks James, I will keep that in mind, next time I make a mess of things! Takw care. Debbie.