Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bobby has a new friend!

Bobby was two years old when we got him, so we didn’t know much about how he was as a pup. He was quiet and a bit confused about what was happening to him. He soon settled in though, and now he is a fantastic little dog!  

I was walking down the tow path with him today, when a cat decided to come and say hello, my initial reaction was to brace my self for the scrap that would surely take place, blood and fur flying everywhere!


I needn’t have worried……They were lovely with each other, I was lucky enough to get a picture of them, how cute!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spring Clean!

Lovely sunny day today, so many things to do, where to start?  After having breakfast, toast and marmalade, shared with Bobby, I decided to get stuck in.

I am one of those people who starts doing one job then move on to another without realising it! I end up doing six different jobs in one go, bouncing from one to the other, I think it’s what you call organised chaos. Eventually it all comes together and the boat is all nice and clean.

Where did spring cleaning originate, is it to start the new season off all clean and tidy, or is it just that the sun comes out and shows up all the dust and dirt!

One pitfall of having a coal fire, is the dust it creates, but it is worth putting up with the dust to have a nice fire burning away in the corner.

Bobby spent all day outside today in the sun, just now and again reminding me he was still there by plopping his tennis ball into the canal then barking at it, to let me know he needs it scooping out, yet again! I swear he has a grin on his face when he accidently on purpose drops the ball in the water!

Well its the end of another weekend, how quick do they go? Back to the grind tomorrow, to get the pennies together for Tickety Boo’s paint job in the summer She is looking really tatty at the minute, and unloved. The harsh winter has given the blacking a bashing and she is desperate to have her bottom redone! I am happy with the inside of the boat for now, so my main aim this summer is to get the outside looking better!

One of the nicer jobs I did today was putting new bedding on for the summer, gone is the cosy cream and gold…..


To be changed to a nice cream and duck egg blue for the summer


I love this colour, the cushion was from a great shop called, Dun elm, an Aladdin's cave of curtains, bedding and accessories, bliss!