Tuesday, July 26, 2011



benharp damage1

This is, as has been said, an act of pure spite.

Why on earth would anybody stoop this low just to prove a point?

This handy work was as a result of a dispute between genuine customers, Tom and Jan, and Ben Harp Narrow boats. You can read more about this sad state of affairs on Nb Waiouru blog site. I feel truly sorry for Tom and Jan, and I admire the fact that they have brought our attention to this despicable behaviour. I don’t need to prattle on, as the photograph speaks volumes about the individual that did this, a good advert indeed....enough said.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Show!

Mark and I didn't go to the Southport airshow, but we were lucky enough to see the Red Arrows display, from Tesco's car park!! I kid you not we had a great view of their stunts. We then drove around to Dobbies just in time to see the Arrows draw a huge heart with an arrow through it right over our heads, I didn't even know Mark had paid them to do that... It made my day, our impromptu air display! Typically though we didn't have a camera with us, but then again you don't expect to see the Red Arrows when you go to Tesco's for your weekly shop!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

" Harper Seven" !!

No I am not telling you the time, or telling you the name of a new toilet cleaner, this is the name Victoria and David Beckham have chosen for their long awaited for Daughter. After a lot of thought I have decided to keep up with the trend and change my name by deed poll to, Debbie Eight, ( all the pies )!! Has a ring to it don't you think?

Joking aside, I actually quite like, "Harper" but it sounds more like a boys name to me. When all said and done though, it is entirely up to them what they call their new Daughter, all power to them for being unique! It makes me wonder what they would call a Narrow boat?

That got me to thinking, I heard someone passing a comment the other day that the name was odd, my Mum has told me I am odd at times, and to be fair she could be right!, but what is "odd"? To me "odd" is someone talking to a bacon sandwich, but then would that person think we were odd because we don't converse with our lunch? Is it being odd, or just being unique? not doing the same as everyone else, being different, which I think can be a breath of fresh air.On looking up "odd" in one of the many dictionary's on line, one of the definitions was," Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected", so yes Mum you are right I am odd! I am now off to discuss the weather with my cheese on toast!!


As this is a boaty blog, I will just add that I have had confirmation of my Passage through to Liverpool in September for the Tall ships and Royal Naval visit, I am really looking forward to it. A two week stay in the Salt house Dock will make a nice change! I don't very often visit Liverpool so it will be nice to see what's happening there, oh and of course to party too! So if your in the vicinity at the time call and say hello, you may even get a cuppa!! I won't make you talk to your biscuit honest!

Odd and proud!

Friday, July 08, 2011

News Of The World...

I for one will not miss this paper, I refuse to call it a news paper as it wasn't news as such, just leeches feeding of peoples despair and suffering, to add insult to injury they stooped so low by invading peoples private lives by hacking into their phones, decpicable behavior. It won't change much though will it, closing the paper down, another one will take its place. The only thing in my eyes that will change things, is us the public refusing to buy such crap, such a waste of good paper and trees to be honest. To the person who masterminded the hacking, go crawl back under your stone, you disgust me.


On a much lighter note, don't people say the funniest things? In work today on the till, a little old lady asked would I pack her shopping for her as she only had one leg?! I have yet to see anybody pack their shopping away with their legs!! For the record she clearly had two legs, and I would have packed her bags anyway!

Once shopping has gone through my till a lot of customers ask how much would I like? Well a couple of thousand would be great, but the £2:56p for their shopping will suffice.

Lastly, I have lost count of the amount of customers who have moaned about the rain, you know that fine stuff that gets you wet?? Compared to the heavy stuff that makes you dry I wonder!! It makes my otherwise boring day a lot more fun

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sunshine and Rain!


The weather as always, has gone mad. Gorgeous sunshine, then this…..


It started to dance down!  The photo above was taken from the side hatch, the rain got too heavy, so I had to take pictures of the rain through the window…..


The bank in this picture through the window, has changed its shape, due to the rain running down the window. The next picture gets even stranger, Mr Rain himself has made an appearance, bottom right of the photo, you can just make out a rain figure waving……


If you click on the photo you will see Mr Rain better, then maybe not, it could just be my very vivid imagination!


The view from my stern door.

The rain can be a right pain in the backside at times, but personally I love to watch it hammering down making bubbles on the canal and leaving grass, trees and plants lush and green. Doesn’t do much for the hairstyle though!!