Thursday, April 01, 2021

Life In Lock Down

Who would have ever thought we would have been subject to a pandemic lockdown! People have coped in different ways, but it has sadly been a struggle for most in varying degrees. I just count myself extremely lucky that I have been able to spend lockdown with Al. I have said before, I miss the boat at times but would have missed Alan more!

 Choosing to stay on land during the lockdown was in my mind the best choice. It made it difficult to visit the boat as I chose not to be classed as a liveaboard for the duration of the lockdown so wasn't able to just pop in as and when. Living in such a beautiful home with Al has been really lovely, and being together 24/7 has just been proof we get on so well. Above all it has just felt comfortable and right...can't speak for Al on that score but he has put up with me!!

 Now restrictions have been lifted it was a relief to be able to go check the boat which I did at the soonest opportunity! My neighbour on the mooring had informed me that I had an uninvited guest onboard! A Moorhen has decided to make her nest in the most awkward place on the boat! We use the stern door to go in and out, we have bow doors obviously but they are locked from the inside! This is where they have decided to build their nest!
I was a bit nervous knowing I was going to have to run the gauntlet of a very protective Mum or Dad Moorhen, apparently, they both sit on the nest. As much as I didn't want to disturb Ma and Pa, I needed to pass them just once to get into the boat after that we will use the bow doors for the duration of the pending new family!

 So on Monday, I did just that. On arriving at the boat Mr or Mrs Moorhen was sitting on the nest. I, as quietly as I could stepped onto the stern, the Moorhen immediately jumped off the nest so I quickly stepped over the nest  opened the door and got in! The Hen was fiercely protective and let me know in no uncertain terms it wasn't happy to be disturbed! It left the nest but didn't leave the stern and made a real threatening growling noise with it's beak wide open ready for the attack! I have never entered the boat so fast!! Thankfully the Hen got back on the nest and happily settled down again, I did worry that the nest and eggs would be abandoned once disturbed but all is well!

 Surprisingly the boat had fared quite well after being left for so long. I had been really worried it would smell damp, but it was fine, just a bit dusty and the woodburning stove needs some attention to the seal on the roof. As we have all summer to sort that it's not a major problem. If needed we can use cental heating if chilly. It's been a long haul but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel! I think we still have a way to go and I for one don't feel confident that we won't have a third lockdown, I am hoping upon hope we don't!

 My situation has changed quite a bit during the lockdown. Apart from the fact it has just proved we have a strong relationship that can withstand a pandemic or any other curve ball life throws at us it also made me re-evaluate my life, not my relationship, I have never been happier . 

 I decided after an episode in work it was time to think about moving on. I hadn't planned to do this quite so early I intended to stay working in retail a bit longer but an incident in work, which came as a bit of a kick in the teeth, made me realise I could either stay in a job I no longer had respect for and be miserable or do myself a favour and get the hell out. A scary prospect after working there for 16 years but out of respect for myself I bit the bullet and left. It saddens me that it was brought home to me just how unappreciated you are and how indispensable you are too! Regardless of how long you have worked for a company, you are just a number. I felt sadly let down by my immediate management which upset me greatly, I decided for once in my life to make a stand and stick up for myself! It wasn't a nice situation one I never want to repeat. It did teach me a valuable lesson...people you thought were friends and not just work colleagues are not friends at all, I have to add not all my work colleagues let me down the genuine ones didn't which was nice.

 So in a nutshell a bad situation turned into a blessing! I now have a completely different job and I absolutely love it! It makes me very happy, fewer hours and all school holidays off with pay! Finally, I feel like I am in a worthwhile job. I go in with a smile on my face and come home with a smile on my face, something that was sadly lacking in the latter months in my old job. So even in a pandemic, I am still living my best life. A really lovely, lovely partner, great family on both sides, a fantastic new job and so so much to look forward to and Summer is on the way! The pandemic has made me just appreciate all the more the things we all just took for granted.

 When things do get back to the new normal when we can do all the things we love to do I will never ever take them for granted again! I have always been grateful for my boat and my life but even more so now than ever!

 So it's off to the boat again today because I can! I have new Venetian blinds to fit to replace the old ones. I made the mistake of buying pvc ones which look great but over time the sunlight makes them so brittle resulting in them snapping when I try to clean them. I have changed to aluminium that are so much easier to clean. I was always puzzled as to where all the black spots were coming from on the blinds only to realise it's Spider poo!! Now it never entered my head that it could be that until I read about it on a boating forum. It got me to thinking, I suppose they have to do it somewhere, did I think they had their own bathrooms somewhere? I just wish they hadn't chosen my blinds the buggers! It does wash off easily but really, use your eight legs and go poo somewhere else!

 I can't wait for Al and I to take Tickety Boo out again, it's been too long, even longer to wait now until baby Moorhens have left the nest but hey ho ain't nature a wonderful thing!

 Ironically, the first thing I want to do is chug off to the middle of nowhere, moor up and enjoy the solitude. as much as we can't wait to eat out, go shopping, go to the pub theatre and have holidays again etc we are staying out of the way until the mad rush calms down! Everybody will want to do all those things it will be chaos!! We are happy to wait till the novelty wears off and you hopefully won't have to queue for everything!

The one thing we both can't wait to get back to is dancing, we miss it so much! Going from dancing a lot to hardly at all is making a huge difference to our waistlines but then most people we know have suffered with this too! The sooner we can get back the better. Soon we hope! 

 Sadly not everybody has got through this pandemic unscathed a fact we all know far too well. We like a lot of other people have lost somebody dear to the virus as many many families have. My heart goes out to people who have lost loved ones or suffered any other consequences caused.

 So let's see what the next few months have in store for us. I am off to lose myself in boaty world for a few hours and try and forget the mad world we are living in at the moment. Being on the water has always had the ability to take me away from everyday worries, it transforms you away and I will always love that about it.

 Stay safe everyone.