Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back In Blog World!

Well we are now into August. As always it shocks me at just how fast time goes!

Having the boat in the Marina is a godsend. The atmosphere is lovely, the people are lovely and I feel so relaxed staying on the boat here. As much as I would rather be out travelling about on the boat, a future I am so looking forward to, if I have to have a mooring while I have to go to work, I can't think of a nicer place to be!

I feel really lucky that I have the choice of two lovely homes. My fab Tickety Boo and a lovely flat in New Brighton looking out over the Mersey! Still being near the water and watching the wide array of boats and ships leaving and arriving at the port of Liverpool is great, what more could a girl want?
My heart is in the boat and Dan's heart is in the flat but we both feel equally comfortable in either places, so we have finally reached a happy medium that suits us both.We both realise how lucky we are to have two great places to spend time with our favourite pains in the arse!

This month has been pretty manic, I spend a lot of the year not socialising that much, I am not much of a party animal but suddenly all the invites come together!! We had Dan's Sister Anns 60th. It was a great party and enjoyed by all! Then my lovely Daughter Kirsty had a hen afternoon in a gorgeous setting. Her good friend Clare organised it all and she did Kirsty proud! We had afternoon tea in the beautiful Vintage Tea Room on Mathew street in Liverpool. It was a fabulous place , food and service spot on. The whole place is realistically vintage and the atmosphere was so relaxed. For any of you boaters coming through to Liverpool it comes highly recommended for a visit, I promise you won't be disappointed!

This coming weekend I have another celebration, a lovely friend I met through our love of boats,  is celebrating her 50th birthday, you know when you meet someone and you immediately know you are on the same wavelength, well that is how I am with her. we haven't known each other that long but it doesn't feel like that, feels like I have known her a lot longer! I feel honoured that she has included me in her close circle of friends to celebrate her Birthday. I am so looking forward to a fun filled weekend...details will follow after the event! If allowed by the party girl of course!

So, Tickety Boo? I have had the boat for nearly 14 years now and I love her so much! Who knew?
Considering all that went on at the beginning of my boaty venture, not to mention all that has gone on during, all of which I frankly wouldn't change, I am more happy than I have ever been! All that has happened to me in the past has moulded me into the person I am now, and lead me into the life I have now, so why wish I could change any of it? I still worry when I look at the list of jobs that need doing to keep her maintained, but I know they will be done, eventually....and so worth the effort!

Dan and I are on a very even keel, ( pardon this old pun again). We have had our up's and down's, mostly up's I am happy to say! It is hard at times embarking on a relationship in your fifties, especially when you have had a period of being alone where you quite quickly get set in your ways!!

The main issue was our two completely different lifestyles!! While Dan likes the boat and feels at home when he stays here, it's not for him 24/7. I on the other hand feel the same about the flat! It did cause friction for a while, but as soon as we both realised we could tailor the relationship to cater for both of us and reach a happy medium, we both find ourselves in our own comfort zones and it's nice! Compromise on both sides works wonders for a relationship!

Looking back over the years I have been with Dan, including the downs, I am so glad we didn't give up and go our separate ways, we are good together but our stubborn streaks often cause havoc! Thankfully we get over the squabbles eventually, and get back to our happy selves.

More news recently, is that of my youngest Daughter Heather, I am so proud of her, as I am of Kirsty and Dean too, she has recently moved into her own place, she is renting a lovely little house and it is a credit to her. I have been on a couple of sleepovers with her since she has moved in, always great fun, we are both crazy and do a lot of laughing! I am so impressed with how she is coping. I know what she has done is not easy, it can be quite a shock to the system when you are responsible for all the bills but she is doing great, and it's lovely to see.

My eldest Daughter Kirsty has recently moved to a lovely part of the country, Tamworth. Her, Ian and the girls now live in a lovely little house and I couldn't be happier for them. The girls have settled into their new schools and are both amazing little girls who I am very proud of! I don't see them as much but it makes me happy knowing that they are happy with their Mum and Dad in their new home. Kirsty and Ian get married in September and I can't wait, that will be for another post though! Ian is all you could wish for in a future Son in law, they are a lovely little family.

My Son Dean is the only one left to fly the nest! His Dad has given him such a lovely home to live in for so long I know it will be a wrench for him. I am trying to encourage him to go over on the Wirral, the flats over there are lovely and quite reasonable rent wise. As he works over there it would make sense. I hope he gets settled soon, then I will be happy that all my children are settled in their own places...none of them have even considered a boat?? I find that unbelievable!! Maybe, and I am being tongue in cheek here, they're not mad enough like their Mum!!

I am hoping to get back into my blogging again, Heather has recently got a new lap top so has kindly let me bring her old one back to the boat, I am like a Pig in Poo! I can blog again.My last lap top gave up the ghost, my lovely friend Jerry the Wizard tried to fix it for me but to no avail. He did however save all my photos! I will be forever grateful to him for that!. I only enjoy blogging on a laptop, while I can do it on my tablet or phone it's not quite the same as tapping away on a keyboard, something I find very satisfying! As this is a new lap top, I need to get photos sorted and how to get them on here! It's surprising how quickly you get out of practice!

I am off work for two weeks and have many jobs I want to get sorted while I am off, Tickety has rust spots that need sorting before they get really bad, the weather however is raining on my parade, I am  living in hope that I will get at least a few days to get sanding and painting done!Story of my life but my big hunk of steel is so worth it! Dan is spending the two weeks holiday with his daughter Erin at the flat, I will hopefully join them for the odd meal or day out, It's nice that we can both do what makes us happy with our time off and then meet in the middle now and again! It's good to miss and be missed!

I promise my next blog won't be too far away, and will be accompanied, by photos that will make it more interesting! I have plans for Tickety Boo's decor, lots of plans, mainly the boudoir! I can't wait to get stuck in! I have to put those plans on the back burner for now though! I have the 50th party weekend coming up, then Kirsty's wedding then to top it off my lovely Mum is a fantastic 80 years young in October, so it is all go!! Not forgetting my lovely Dan's Birthday in September! I have to say I couldn't keep this social activity up long term but I am enjoying every minute!!

Just a thought before I the time all the social activities are over, thoughts will be turning to Christmas!! Where on earth did 2017 go??  As much as I hate to discuss Christmas just now, I am looking forward to decorating the flat for our first Christmas there! Apologies for mentioning the ''C'' word....