Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Mode Of Transport!

I see many things pass Tickety Boo, Other boats, canoes, kayaks, dinghies , my Brother in his flying machine! Yesterday however, I saw something I had never seen on the Canal before, these……


Two Men on paddle Boards, the guy on the right looks like he is walking on water! How on earth they kept their balance I don’t know! I caught them just as they were paddling away. I did manage to get them on the way back though and asked if I could take a photo.



He kindly slowed down for me to get my photo, but said he couldn’t stop as he would fall off.  Spoil sport!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paint Job!

Finally, and not before time, I have decided that Tickety Boo, by hook or by crook is to have her paint job this year! I have put it off long enough, it can be put off no longer!

I am ashamed to admit that I have lacked somewhat in the enthusiasm to have Tickety looking her best, she is looking quite sad and dowdy at the minute, but hopefully that won't be for long.

I have no grandiose ideas about having a, "Shiny" boat, but I want her to have her lustre back, the lush green she was when she was first painted. I can't afford to have her sprayed so will be painting her myself, ( deep intake of breath)!The boat was painted by hand last time, with mini sponge rollers, and as you can see from the picture at the top of my blog page, it ain't half bad, good enough for me anyway. I am inclined to think that touching up on a hand painted boat, is easier than on a sprayed boat, as it blends in better, ( look just humour me, of course I would have her done by professionals if I could, but that ain't ever going to happen is it? unless my numbers come up on the lottery!)

Originally she was painted with Rylard British Racing Green, a lovely colour, that I would like to keep similar for her new colour, however, after watching my neighbour on the mooring painting his boat, which resulted in a lovely finish, I have decided to go with the paint he used.

So on deciding to go with Dulux Weathershield, I then had to find the colour I wanted, I know I won't get exactly the same green, but on looking at the colour chart I am drawn to a more deep Jade colour, which is quite similar but a bit more adventurous, for me anyway.

With this in mind I trotted off to good old BQ, and there I was fortunate enough to be helped by a lovely lady called Debbie, ( well obviously with a name like that she couldn't fail to be lovely now could she)? Her Patience, with me the excited Boat owner, was excellent. I had picked the colour I wanted off the chart, but it was far too light, so Debbie painstakingly kept adding bit by bit, drop by drop paint to darken the shade until I was happy with it. Now, it was pointed out to me that once the colour was mixed, she would never get that colour exactly the same again, so obviously, I would have to Purchase enough paint to complete the job!

After thinking about it I decided to bring the match pot home, that Debbie had miraculously managed to get to the shade I wanted, and test the colour out first, to be certain it was right for Tickety, painting a 50 foot Narrow boat in a colour you don't like isn't really a good idea!

Now as you know the weather hasn't been the best of late, so couldn't test the paint anywhere out side, so I got a couple of old dinner plates and painted them! I painted one in the original colour, Rylard BRG, then the other in my new colour choice, just to see if I would like the change. I could then take them outside and tilt them about to see how the colour looked in natural light, and sun light. I love the colour, but may go a tiny bit darker. Sorted!

I now have to decide what colour for the roof and matching coach lines. At the moment it's cream, but will that cream compliment the new shade or would another colour be better suited, maybe light grey, or a lighter shade of cream? Back to the drawing board.

My enthusiasm is well and truly back and I can't wait to start! It will probably take me all Summer, but it will be lovely to stand back in the Autumn and see Tickety in her fine new coat. I know the hard work is in the preparation, but then the nice bit comes when the paint goes on!

Now I know there will be some of you out there, saying nooooo you have to use proper boat paint, why? Firstly I can't afford those prices, surely it is how the boat is prepared and how many coats you put on, not to mention maintaining the finished paint job, waxing etc to protect the paint. Well I am going with Weathershield, what is the worst that can happen? I have seen a boat done in it, and it is a fine job, and I was told it is lovely paint to work with, so that is a bonus! How long it lasts will have to remain to be seen.....

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Hair Cut!


Bobby Dog has had his once yearly hair cut today, As always he stood patiently as I spent nearly two hours clipping and shampooing, trimming and combing. I nearly filled a carrier bag with all the fur I clipped away!

So here is the before picture…


and the after…


He doesn’t look amused does he?