Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another Year nearly Over…

It never ceases to amaze me how quick the years fly over, and yes, I will say it again, the older you get the quicker they go!

It was a bitter sweet year for me. The sweet being the birth of my second Granddaughter, Darcy, who like her Sister Phoebe is an absolute joy!

Another sweet, was me meeting the lovely Danny at Easter, we are getting on famously and things are going really well. I was beginning to give up on the relationship front, but Danny restored my faith, we do a lot of laughing and feel really comfortable in each others company so happy days!

The bitter was of course losing my lovely little dog Bobby. I still miss him dreadfully, but I find as time has passed, I smile when I think of him,rather than cry. One day I would like another, but for now I am so busy it really wouldn’t be fair.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year, more than I have done for a good few years. Danny and I are having dinner with my Mum. I will see my two lovely Daughters and Son all under the same roof together, I can’t wait, it will be a chance for Danny to meet everyone, including the Munchkins, Phoebe and Darcy!

Well, 2013 has been an eventful year for me. I feel like I have my life back on track. Being happy in my personal life has had a knock on effect, my enthusiasm for things has returned. I managed to get Tickety Boo painted inside and out! There is still lots to do, but I am so pleased with how she is looking now.

My worries about how the boat would look painted inside, disappeared once I saw the difference it made. It is so much lighter and more spacious looking, well as spacious as such a small space can look!

I wanted a complete change, and that’s how it looks totally different! As it still isn’t finished, I will keep you in suspense just a bit longer. In the New Year I will post photos as promised to keep you up with progress. I still have my kitchen units to paint, as I want to change the butter milk to a lovely shade of green, a green that I have picked out from my new curtains…

PICT0009This is my side Hatch, I find a curtain in the winter keeps out the drafts. I knew as soon as I saw this material I wanted it, little birds, and have you noticed all out of their cages just as they should be! I just have poles threaded through top and bottom, I left the poles slightly bigger than the hatch so they wedge in and stay in place, easy just to pop out when I need to open hatch, simple but effective!

So here is looking forward to a great New Year, I have so much to look forward to! We will hopefully get out on the boat a lot more in 2014, been so busy painting this year I haven’t done much sailing, and I miss it…a lot!

Just before I go, I would just like to wish you all….


 A Very Merry Christmas

and a wonderful 2014 xxx.