Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unplanned Holiday!

Well, what started off as a short weekend away to meet a fellow Blogger, turned into a weeks holiday!

We set off teatime Friday. I had been in work all day so John got the boat all ready so we could set off as soon as I arrived home. Dave and Alison started out with us on their cruiser, Kestrel. ( Dave and Alison are friends of ours from the moorings ). They were only going to Haskayne,and we were carrying on to Burscough for the night,

Things very rarely go to plan for boaters, as you know.... Ten minutes into our journey, Kestrel coughed and splutterd to a halt. After much humming and ahhing, and still non the wiser as to what the problem was we decided to tow Kestrel to Haskayne, where Alison and Dave would be joined by friends the next day.

We decided to spend the night with Alison and Dave, then travel on to Parbold the next day, where we would meet up with WB Takey Tezey. Alison had brought homemade Beef Strogonoff, that she kindly shared with us for tea, it was delicious and much appreciated. We spent the rest of the night on the back deck having a drink and a good old natter.

The following day we travelled on to the Rufford Branch on the Leeds Liverpool, where Takey Tezey would be coming up Lathom Locks to meet us. I have been reading Takey Tezey Tales and was really looking forward to meeting her crew, Heather and Dave

After waiting a while at the Locks we saw Takey Tezey making her way up the last two locks. It felt weird seeing her the flesh, a lovely boat she is too! Introductions over we had a drink from, the Ship Pub, known locally as, The Blood Tub, ( Don't ask! Its not as sinister as it sounds though ) As we stood around having our drink Takey Tezey rose in the lock all by herself!

The plan was that we would spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning with Heth and Dave, then make are way back, as I was in work Bank Holiday Monday. We were getting on so well I decided to phone my boss and ask for the Monday off, to my surprise he agreed. We went on to spend a really enjoyable couple of days.

Saturday night we spent at Parbold, by the old Windmill. We had a drink on TT and we all had a good chat, and had a meal from the chippy, a rare treat indeed, as john and I had'nt had a nice chippy meal for a while, ( healthy eating and all that )

Sunday we travelled through to Appley Bridge through the Lock and on to Deans Lock. We were going to stay at Deans Lock but decided to travel on further. We eventually moored out side The Navigation Pub, newly named The Baby Elephant, an Indian Restaurant. We all had a nice meal there, my dish was called, " Naga Naga" which John thought was quite apt for me!

Monday, we travelled back through Deans Lock to Appley Bridge, but instead of going down the Lock we moored at the top, which gave us a great view. We had a BBQ and may I say Dave is a great BBQ chef! We liked where we were, so stayed another night.

Wednesday, was to be our last night. We had really enjoyed Heather and Daves company, they are a great couple and really good fun. We decided to head back to Burscough, to a pub called, The Farmers Arms . We moored out side the pub and went in for a meal. We had a great night, a good few scoops plenty of banter and laughter. I think the Landlord thought he had gone deaf when we left the pub, the volume rose steadily with each glass of wine!

Thursday came all too soon, it was time to make our way back. We enjoyed our unplanned Holiday and will keep in touch with Takey Tezey and her crew!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hoorar, the rain has stopped!

So this is what blue sky looks like!

At Last!

I feel really daft telling you this, but all you nice people out there who take the time to read my blog, must have noticed. I did'nt put any paragraphs in. Now I will tell you why, ( this is the part where I hang my head in shame ) I didn't know how to!

But look now I do! I tried to make paragraphs with the space bar thingy, which worked until I posted, then the paragraphs would disappear!

Whatever next? Maybe next week I will learn to put commas in the right place!

To be honest, it doesn't really matter does it? It wouldn't put me off reading a blog, if there were no paragraphs, commas or full stops. As long as the content was interesting why worry about a few dots and squiggles.

Huge apologies to all you English Teachers out there, but I would hate to think that a potential blogger out there, would hesitate to post because they feel they can't punctuate properly.

Just before I go can I just say, HOORAR the rains gone off!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flutter by...

I found this gorgeous Butterfly on the pathway leading to the Boat. The colours are amazing.

Panic over!

I havn't been able to post anything to my blog for two days. I was just about to give in to hysteria, when I did something to restore my new post thingy.

I felt totally cut off from Blog World, well not completly, I was still able to catch up and read all the blogs I follow. I did post a comment to The English Blogger, but don't. know if it arrived, so apologies now for repeating my self.

I read the post on The Robber Button Blog about somebody passing a comment about the boat being like a Caravan! Before I go on I will just say at this point ,I have nothing against Caravans, I have freinds with Tourers and Statics and very nice they are too.

Comparing a Narrowboat to a Caravan is like comparing a House to a Tent! For a start Caravans don't float and you can't drive a Narrowboat down the Motorway, ( unless on the back of a lorry ). I have yet to see a caravan with a Rudder or a narrowboat with an Awning, mind you that might not be a bad idea, a bank awning for while your moored up.

A friend of ours came to see us on our boat, on entering the boat he said it reminded him of a train! So I gave him a sandwich curled up at the edges, a cup of tea in a polystyrene cup and got him home two hours late! Train indeed.

Now for a different subject, I have a request, will somebody please turn off the rain! I personally quite like the rain, I love the pitter, patter on the roof when we're all cosied up inside. I love the way after rain all the trees and plants look lush and fresh, but nuff is enough. As much as I love our dog, Bobby, damp Dog is not one of my favourite odours

Well hopefully out on the Boat at the weekend, I hope the rain has a rest and the wind stays in bed! I am used to getting wet being a Boater in England, but I swear I am starting to rust around the edges!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boatwork Envy!

All us Boatwives, ( posh name for Galley slaves! ) are now in a complete frenzy after reading Heather's post on her blog, Takey Tezey Tales, the one titled, " Domino effect " Within seconds of reading it we were all checking to see how dirty our cooker hobs are, or how grubby the rug is looking. So armed with rubber gloves and products so expertly advertised by the above, we are a force to be reckoned with!

I personally think Heather is a secret agent for cleaning products, I bet if you had a secret peek into her Kitchen cupboard its floor to ceiling freebies from fairy and Rugbusters! Through gritted teeth I will admit Heather should now be at the top of the charts for Best Hob and Rug, and I now would like to present her with, GALLEY SLAVE OF THE MONTH. Heather, please take a bow, we eagerly await your acceptence speech, ( no pressure! ) Actually joking aside I think bad job done good!

As for advertising products on our blogs, has anybody tried Mr Muscle Showershine, its fantastic, ( deep breaths ) when you have had your shower you just spray Showershine and it cleans your shower cubicle for you, no wiping rubbing or scrubbing, I kid you not its great! Just one more, ( see what you've started Heth ) Oven Pride, which is a big plastic bag that comes in a box with cleaning product. You put yukky oven shelves in the bag with said product, leave for stated time then hey presto gleaming oven shelves! Oh ok, to be honest I bought this product weeks ago and still havn't tried it, I will let you know if it does what it says on the box.

Then there are Micro Fibre Cloths what did we do before they were invented.....

I can hear the distinct echo of people all over blog world telling me to go get a life!! Oh ok then.....( nowt wrong with being Boat Proud is there? )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the grind

Went back to work today after having three weeks off, to look after John. I was'nt looking forward to it at all! I work in a Discount store a couple of days a week. Its not the best job in the world but it helps pay the bills. Its one of those jobs you can leave at the end of the day and not give it another thought. Just the type of job I wanted, as previously I was a Care worker, great job but I found it hard to switch off at the end of the day. It drove me nuts, so I left.

On a Monday the first half of the day I stock the shelves, then in the afternoon I go on the till. Its a freindly shop with plenty of banter and laughing.

The afternoon was pretty uneventfull until a lady came through my till with her Grandaughter. The little girl was cute as a button, and she had picked up a childs Winnie The Pooh brolly. Her Gran asked me to tell her she couldn't have it. What do you say to a little four year old who desperately wants her Pooh brolly? I felt awfull and just told her as nicely as I could that we couldn't sell Pooh Brollys if it wasn't raining, ( Ah come on give me a break! ) this gorgeous little girl looked at me as if I was the wicked witch of the north, I was waiting for the rest of the queue to start hissing and booing me! Anyway she trotted off out of the shop with her gran, and just as they walked out they both turned to look at me and the Gran said to her, "She was a naughty Lady wasn't she?" Thanks a bunch Mrs! All in a days work!

One of my favourite wind ups is asking men if they need instructions when they buy a mop! I am going to end up wearing said mop one of these days! Goodnight.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Celebrity on the Loose!

I was having a bit of a " Down in the Dumps " morning . What with recent events and coming to terms with what's happend. Anyway before I got too deep into myself pity mode, I heard somebody singing quite loudly on the opposite towpath. Its amazing how sound carries down the cut. It wasn't just somebody humming a tune, it was a full blown song. I couldn't resist having a peep to see who it was. Blow me it was Les Dennis strolling down the path singing his head off! Before I realised who it was he had gone. If I had seen him coming I would have opend the side hatch and given him a round of applause! Needless to say my wallowing in self pity came to an abrupt halt. Thanks Les, its not everyday your cheered up by a celeb!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ken, your a fool!

I've just watched Corrie, I can't believe Ken walked away from a wonderfull life afloat with Martha, doesn't he know she fought her way through Tenko and the Colbys to get where she is today! He chose to go back to raspy voice Dreary and the wicked witch of the street, Blanch. Oh Ken you don't know what your missing!.Oops I've just admitted to watching Corrie! Anyway we went to Worsley a couple of years ago, and moored just by the bridge where Ken was filmed. It was a lovely day and we watched a bride having her photo taken. Never mind Martha, I reckon you had a lucky escape!

Re Photos.

I have posted three photos on my blog. Not the best of photos granted, but non the less at least I got them on there! The camera on this G1 phone isn't too hot.

There are lots of photos I want to share with you, but as I don't have a PC I need to go to my Daughters and get her to sort me out. I have pictures on my Digital camera plus older photographs that need to be scanned and downloaded onto my blog. If that sounds like I know what I am talking about its a flook, I don't!

Anyway back to my three photos. The one of our four legged sailor, Bobby, looking out of the side hatch, must have you thinking he must have very long legs for a Scottish Terrier!1 I am holding him in my arms but didn't want to be in the photo.

The next photo is of my chill spot where I love to sit on a Summers evening.

The third photo I took to show the name on the boat was for a reason, allow me to explain. When we were chosen as one of the boats to go to the opening ceremony of the new Liverpool Link, the boat didn't have her name on. So me being me wanted to get the name on her so people would know what she was called.

I found a Graphic company that kindly said they would do it in a hurry for us. I chose the font and colour and true to his word the man had it done for us the same day. I couldn't let Tickety sail through to Liverpool with no name! I also picked a scroll out of the book of hundreds, BIG mistake I wanted the scroll for under the name, and as you can see on the photo that's where it went. What's wrong with that I hear you say.weeelll if you look at the scroll and imagine it cut in half, it looks like a cartoon drawing of the male anatomy!!!

Me being a smart arse asked the graphic guy to do me a scroll for the bow to match the one under the name. He did half of the scroll a lot larger and dutifully applied it to the bow. To my shock and horror it just looked like a giant cartoon of, yes you've guessed it, the male anatomy!11. It was removed pronto!

All I can say is thank goodness this name and scroll isn't Ticketys permanent adornment!!!