Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Ray Of Sunshine!


The weather is wet windy and miserable at the moment, so I thought I would share my little ray of sunshine with you all…


       Phoebe, my Grand Daughter.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's nice to know.....

I received this lovely email the other,day rather than explain I will show you, after asking the writer's permission.

Dear Debbie,

my name is Christine, I`m 45 years old and live in Germany and four days ago my life changed because I watched a documentary on german tv about people living on narrowboats. I never heard about them before, but strangely enough it immediately felt so familiar, that I thought, that`s the way I want to spend at least some years of my life. I spent hours on the internet, trying to find out more about that way of life and then found your wonderful blog. Another new thing for me, I made my way around blogs up to now, yours is the first one I am reading and it`s like doors opening up.

I`m so touched by the open and warmhearted way you share your life with other people. I printed out the first months and read them in my bed yesterday late at night. Thank you so much! What a enrichment this is for me! So today I got to June 2, 2009, where you wrote, that people could ask you questions about your life afloat, so here I am writing to you, wishing I could just come by for a cup of tea and learn to know you. Somehow I feel like I could belong to this community, isn`t that strange?

At the moment I take care of my dad and practically spend most of my time at home and can`t go for holidays. So I am dreaming of my future life. I am very drawn to England and Ireland, I had an english boyfriend for some years, and I don`t feel like staying in Germany later.
Can you tell me, if a woman alone can handle living (and travelling) on a small narrowboat? I`m not a very courageous person and thinking of the locks and all that I already feel a bit insecure. I wish someone would just take me along for some weeks, so I could learn everything. Is it just a dream, or could this really be possible?

So this afternoon I will go on reading, thanks again so very much.
If you have a bit of time, I`d be very happy to receive an answer from you.

Lovely greetings from Germany

I replied to Christine,thanking her for her email, and telling her I would help her with any questions she may want to ask. I also encouraged her to read all the other blogs too. Seems to me here's another person bitten by the boating bug! Welcome aboard Christine!