Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out of the blue!


After a real hectic week in work, is was bliss to get home last night, ( Friday ) and look forward to the weekend. The weather forecast looks good which makes the weekend all the more enjoyable.

All you retired people out there, ( jealousy rearing its ugly head me thinks)! who are living just one long weekend, will have forgotten the buzz you get on a Friday, when you come to the end of the day and wallow in the fact, that for two whole days you don’t have to go to work! Now wouldn’t you all love to go back to work to have that feeling again? Yea right!

Anyway on arriving home I take Bobby for his walk,put all the shopping away, light fire, ( as its still quite chilly in the evening), light candles, feet up and nice glass of red!

I made myself a nice sweet chilli chicken noodle dish for tea, and then sat to read and reply to emails I had let build up over the week.

Just as I was starting on my second glass, I heard an engine running outside the boat, resisting the urge to jump up and see who it was, I sat trying to recognise the noise. Was it a Dinghy? Was it a Helicopter? I knew it wasn’t a a narrowboat or cruiser. My curiosity got the better of me, so I went out on the back deck to see what was creating this noise, to be met by the site of this……          



It was my Brother, John, flying passed the boat on his Paramotor! He flew low enough to give me a wave and then flew up in to the blue again. I wasn’t expecting to see him, so it was a lovely surprise! Personally I think he is mad flying around with a hairdryer strapped to his back, but it must be fantastic to be flying around up there like a bird, all be it a quite noisy bird. Would you ever get me up there? Not on your nellie!  I prefer to have my motor firmly under my feet, chugging me along the Cut!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


As you can see I am having problems with the layout on my blog pages, there is a HUGE gap before you can see any of my blogs!.
Can anybody help?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make molehills out of mountains!

I need to make all the mountainous tasks I have ahead of me into molehills! I keep going into absolute panic mode when I think of all the things that need to be done!

So instead of worrying how on earth I will climb those mountains I need to tackle them like they are little hills. Does that make sense?? If it does please let me know!

So as soon as I stop being the proverbial Ostrich, and make a start, the sooner I will have something to blog about. Its too easy just to sit and make excuses why I can't do something, too cold, too windy, too tired, too can't be bothered!!

Right pep talk over. I have wasted a couple of weekends now not doing anything, which just won't do, now I need to give myself a hefty kick up the back side and get myself motivated.

Now where do I start? Have you seen the size of that Mountain..........(sorry, molehill)!