Monday, December 28, 2009

Back at last!

I was going to wait till the New Year before I started blogging again, but why wait?

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I certainly did. We had a nice xmas dinner and then a very enjoyable evening at my Daughter, Kirsty's. We played on the Wii, and I have to say I haven't laughed so much! My Mum being the one who made me laugh the hardest! We insisted she joined in, and to be honest she did really well. The funniest moment was when Mum played the football game, where you have to head the balls that come flying at you, the first ball she headed was done with such force, I thought she was going through the flat screen!

Anyway, just quickly I have to tell you all my news! After trawling through loads of boats for sale, it suddenly dawned on me I would never get a boat as nice as Tickety Boo, not for the money I could afford anyway, so with a lot of help from my Brother, ( Thank you John ) I decided to buy out John and keep Tickety! I am so happy I didn't have to let her go to somebody else, not after all the hard work we put in to her.

So now the crew of Tickety Boo is down to two, me and Bobby the Scotty! It took a while to get used to being on my own, but I very soon realised there is a lot of advantages! The main advantage being more storage space, and pleasing myself what time I eat, sleep etc.

I am relieved I don't have to change the name of my blog too, any other name just wouldn't have been the same. I am working more hours now, for obvious reasons, but I hope to blog on a regular basis, so for all of you who thought you had got rid of me waffleing on, apologies but I am back! I can honestly say it feels good to be back in blogging world! Bring on 2010.

I should have been back at work today, but without too much information,I will just say that anything I eat or drink at the minute is doing its utmost to leave my body as soon as possible! Nuff said!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.Back to blogging in 2010, take care till then Debbie x

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have taken up residence in Limbo here for a while. Just thought I would let you all know I am ok. Should have some good news to tell you all soon. Watch this space!

Keep up all the good blogging.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

They don't sell postcards in Limbo!

They don't sell them honestly! If they did I would send you all one. You will have to settle for a post instead.

Being in Limbo isn't all bad, just a bit scary, a kind of inbetweeny land. In a funny way I can put up with being here for a short while, I am looking forward to my "new chapter" its just taking a while to turn the page! None of my doing either, like everything else, the more impatient you are to get things sorted, the more things stand in your way!

I am so looking forward to getting my life back on track, getting my teeth stuck in to my life afloat again, making whatever boat I end up on, my own. I have lots of new things I want to try in my new abode.

I am looking at the hundreds of boats for sale on the many sites, and finding it quite mind boggling! There are so many out there! Many gorgeous ones that are way out of my price range, but also quite a few that I could possibly manage to buy. I have a good imagination, I can visualise how nice the interior of a boat could look with a bit of hard work, just as well really as some of the boats are awful! Even Bobby my dog would turn his nose up at them!

My main priority is making sure I get one that has a sound hull, the inside I can work on over time to make it a cosy home. Quite looking forward to that!

What I can't get over is the state some of the boats are in. You would think that if people wanted to sell their boat they would at least tidy up before they took the photo for the advert! One such boat which will remain nameless, made me gasp when I saw the photo, you couldn't see any space on any of the surfaces, probably under all the mess there was a nice boat lurking, I am sure many people would just bypass the boat and go on to the next advert!

Anyway, I would be grateful if anybody knows of any reasonably priced boats out there I would be very interested to hear from you.

In the meantime I will try and enjoy my stay in Limbo, Wish you were here and I wasn't!

I am confident it wont be forever, but I have to say it doesn't surprise me that Limbo isn't listed on any maps, you wouldn't visit here through choice!!

Even here my glass is very much half full!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice Surprise!

I had a really nice surprise yesterday, a visit from Nb Cosy Toes, ( love that name ) and her crew. They were on  their way back from a trip through to Liverpool.


They had a great time, and really enjoyed the experience.  Sue Kindly showed me around Cosy Toes, she is a lovely little boat, immaculate and a credit to them all. It was great to meet them all, and I look forward to seeing  them all again.

Sue made me a cup of coffee, and then we came on board the boat I am staying on at the moment. We had a good old natter, then they headed off to catch up to Sue’s parents. They had gone on ahead on their boat, Cheshire Lad.

Cosy Toes had just pulled away when I noticed Sue had left her coffee mug on my boat! It will be a good excuse to go and see them to return the mug. In the meantime Sue, just so you know how your mug is doing……………..

PICT0002                        Not a happy Mug!

            In fact he has threatened to report you to,

                 The Cruelty to Crockery Association!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An after thought!

Well I think I have mastered "Live Writer" its easier to upload photos and put them where you want them, ( kinda...)! I put a picture of Tickety Boo's Galley as it is now. I have now decided its not a nice photo. Soooo here is one I like better!

  Finally managed to get on Live Writer!

Well hopefully Heth on WB Takey Tezey, will be proud of me as I think I have finally worked out how to use Windows Live writer! It has only taken me a couple of months to work it out!

To be fair, I did try some months back only to give up, exasparated with myself, but now, here we are!

This post is just an experiment really to see how it all works. Apparently writing your blog with Live writer makes things a lot easier. When then does it get easier I ask myself.

Now that Tickety Boo is up for sale I think it would be a shame to let her go without letting you all see what I have been blogging about!

So now I will attempt to get some photos on here to show you.PICT0015                                                                                                                                  Tickety being moved to the boatyard we rented, after our original builders went Bankrupt.


   Me adding last minute touches, before the boat was transported to her mooring.



PICT0013 My Brother, John, driving the lorry taking the boat to the cut!






At last Tickety on the cut where she belonged!




This is what we were left with, after paying for a fully fitted boat. At least we now had the windows and doors fitted.




My Brother John, without him we would have been well and truly lost. He did all the plumbing and electrics, fitted the windows, the fire, central heating and numerous other things!




 The two John’s working in the Bedroom While the bedroom was being fitted, we slept on a blow up bed in the Saloon.


                                                    The Bedroom as it is now, after sleeping on a blow up bed for months, it was bliss to get  into a proper bed!


Things were beginning to take shape slowly. Tickety was starting to look like the boat I had dreamed of.



From this empty shell, sitting on deckchairs…..


                                          To this,our cosy home!


  From this half finished kitchen, with the two ring camping stove …





      To my “ Galley Slave” Kitchen!                                                                                                      

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Beginnings.

Well I did say I would be back! God I have missed blogging.

The break up of a relationship is never easy, I feel like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! You tend to go through many phases, anger, sadness, loneliness and at a total loss as to where it all went wrong.

There is one thing I am certain of, there will be no going back. Too many things have been said and done to hurt me, things I will never be able to forgive, and that makes me so sad. I thought I had found my soul mate, but obviously I was so wrong.

Well that's enough of that. As I have done before, I have decided self pity and recriminations never helped any body. Even though this episode of my life has left me sad and confused, wallowing in self pity is pointless.

My way of life won't change, living on a narrow boat is my passion. I have been staying at my Mums in her bungalow, where I was made welcome and more than comfortable, but being back on land and ensconced in bricks and mortar fills me with horror!

For me to stay on Tickety Boo was out of the question. We did come to an agreement that we would each have alternate weeks on the boat, until she is sold, but devastatingly for me John went back on his word.

I think that's enough of washing my dirty linen in public!

I had heard rumour that somebody on our mooring was maybe selling a boat, when I enquired about it the owner very kindly said I could stay on their boat for a couple of months, how thoughtful was that? I will always be truly grateful for this opportunity, as its got me back on the cut where I belong!

The boat is slightly smaller than Tickety, and yes I am missing her, but this little boat is really nice, and I may even consider buying her myself.

I have moved on T.F.T.T.M., I wont divulge the name just yet, maybe later. I bet those initials will have you guessing! Answers in the post please!

I moved on the boat on the first of August, new month, new start! I spent all of the first day cleaning, not that the boat was in a bad way, it just hadn't been used for months. Most of my time was spent evicting the many spiders that had taken up undisturbed residence! Once all moved in, tidy and organised I sat with a well earned cuppa, and reflected on how lucky I was in the circumstances, to be once again afloat! Thank you so very much to P and C for the very very kind gesture of letting me stay on their boat.

Bobby is settling in well and has just accepted we are on a different boat. I am so grateful to have him with me and hope and pray that it stays that way. He is my little soul mate now, and I would be heartbroken to lose him.

Tickety Boo is sadly now up for sale. After all we went through to get her to this stage. I would like to think I could buy John out, but don't know if that will be possible just yet, either way I will still be living afloat, whether on Tickety Boo, T.F.T.T.M or some other boat!

When I started this blog a couple of months ago I wrote that I wanted to share my happy, sometimes sad stories with you, this chapter is rather sad but happier times hopefully are on the horizon. Goodness knows what my blog will be called, if I some how manage to keep Tickety Boo the name will stay the same, if I can't your guess is as good as mine!

This is the first post of my new life, I hope you will continue on the journey with me, knowing me it will be a bumpy ride! Hold on tight!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another one of lifes challenges.

Without going into too much detail, my life has been turned on its head, and had the living daylights shook out of it! Not for the first time either. Some people have a sedate, "Merry Go Round" life, where I have a bloody,"Roller Coaster" life. Even after the ups and downs and the heartache, I couldn't ever have imagined choosing the Merry Go Round, so now I have to accept I chose the rougher ride.

Us Boaters are made of stern stuff I have faith that I will get through this bad patch, and once I get my head from out of my backside I will be fine, its quite dark up here but its getting lighter by the day!

I may not blog as much over the coming weeks, but believe me I will be following all your blogs and as Arnie said, "I will be back "...

Please keep up the good work. I hope to be back soon to share a brand new chapter of my life with you, Happy Boating!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Much needed Tonic!

I have been having problems of late that have really been getting me down. I have reached a turning point in my life, but not quite sure which path to follow. Any way needless to say I haven't really had much reason to smile, until that is I got my Tonic!

We have a great couple next to us on our mooring, they shall remain nameless but they read this blog, and they know who they are. Feeling really down yesterday and not feeling much like company, I was just pottering about when said neighbours turned up. Within minutes of them arriving I cheered up, they had me laughing at their antics, if they could bottle whatever it is they have, they would be millionaires!

The first thing that literally had me splitting my sides with laughter, was when Mrs Neighbour, passed me a cuppa out the side hatch and said she would come out and have a natter with me. I was already sitting outside, so watched her stepping off the back of their boat. I still don't know how she did it but she fell out the boat backwards, she then seemed to roll in slow motion on to the bank!. Well by this time I was laughing myself silly. Bless her, I was laughing so much I couldn't even ask if she was ok! Luckily she was fine, but the incident had me giggling all afternoon!

The second thing that had me laughing was when Mr Neighbour decided to take their two little Dogs for a walk, two gorgeous little Shitzu's. Mr Neighbour wears a straw hat on account of the sun, I commented that he looked like a french man with his hat on, he then started to talk with a french accent which really made him look french!

So without even realising it my neighbours had cheered me up no end!

Later that evening Mrs Neighbour had told me about Skype, you can download it and make free calls to other people who have Skype, I have heard of it but didn't realise just how good it was, not only can you call people you can see them too with web cam, brilliant! So after a quick run through of how to use Skype I downloaded it and made my first call to Mrs Neighbour. It was great I could see her, and hear her really well, only one problem, she couldn't see or hear me! So for the umpteenth time that day I was left screaming with laughter. I could see Mr and Mrs quite clearly looking into the web cam and saying over and over, " can you here me, are you there", and then having a conversation between themselves about me not being there! In actual fact I was still there but they couldn't see me! I then watched Mrs getting fed up and making a cup of tea!

We have vowed to try again later, so no doubt more laughter in store!

So just one more thing to say, A HUGE BIG THANKYOU to my fab neighbours for pulling me out of the doldrums, you two were just the tonic I needed!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Darling Fishermen!

Why when your happily sailing along on your boat do some fishermen glare at you? They have a look on their faces that makes me want to tell them to straighten their faces before they scare the fish away! To be fair most of them are great they give you a wave and a smile and appreciate the fact that you have slowed down for them, and I always say thank you when they move rods and poles so we can sail past.

You always get one miserable old git that moans, " Bloody Boats", as if we have a cheek being there! How very dare we make waves on their patch! When this happens and they moan, I politely ask them to remind me just how much they pay for their fishing license, I then politely remind them just how much I pay for mine!

To all you nice fisherman out there who are friendly and accept we all have a right to be there, Thank you, to all you miserable old gits out there, GO GET A LIFE,find another pass time, because fishing doesn't suit you, it makes you too damn narky!

That sure felt good. Rant over!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thunder and frightening!

In the early hours of Wednesday we had a really bad thunder storm. Now normally storms don't bother me, but this one really scared me! It seemed to be directly above the boat, and when the thunder claps came the noise seemed to boom through the boat.

Because the weather has been so humid and sticky, we have been leaving the porthole stoppers out to let cool air in at night time. Big mistake when a storm comes along. The lightening lit up the whole boat, the port holes lit up like spotlights!

Since being on the boat that must be the closest storm we have had, which got me to thinking. What would actually happen to the occupants inside the boat if it were struck by lightening? Does anybody out there know? Do I want to know or is ignorance bliss?!

To lighten the mood somewhat, I was delighted to see John and Fiona passing by on Nb Epiphany on their way through to Liverpool. Its great when you actually see people who's blog you have followed. Here's hoping they enjoy the trip!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Great weekend!

We have just had a really nice weekend, we couldn't go too far, but that didn't matter, once you have pulled the pins and set off, your free!

We were supposed to be joined by friends but they had to back out last minute. So it was just Tickety Boo's crew of three. The plan was to set off Friday night but we thought we would wait and go Saturday morning instead. Best laid plans eh.

There have been quite a few guest boats staying on the moorings, waiting for their slot to go through to Liverpool. One such boat was a bright red wide beam with a creamy yellow roof. The boat is owned by Chris, we got chatting to him, and asked what the boat was called, he told us he was toying with the idea of calling it Rhubarb and Custard! Apparently that was the boats nickname on its mooring.

On Saturday morning Chris was moored opposite us on the public tow path facing toward Liverpool. He decided on the last minute he wanted to do a pump out before he left. The problem being the pump out was about quarter of a mile back the other way. Chris informed us he was rubbish at steering the boat backwards so would we give him a hand.

Well John looked at me and shook his head, but me being me will give anything a go once! On boarding the wide beam Chris just let go of the tiller and said to me, "Its all yours". Now wasn't quite the right time to tell Chris, I had never steered a wide beam before, let alone steer it backwards! So off we went, and I can proudly say I steered it all the way back to the pump out, and backwards through a bridge too, I was so pleased with myself. Chris commented the manoeuvre was expertly done, how chuffed was I?

It wasn't until the boat was safely tied out side the pump out that I told Chris I had never steered a wide beam before! He looked at me with a fleeting look of, are you mad woman! Non the less he thanked me very much. I then asked if I could look inside the boat. She was gorgeous, a really nice fit out and very tastefully done.

Now I will come clean, the boat was fitted with a bow thruster, which makes the job of going backwards so much easier. Its not something I have ever wanted on our boat, but I think on a wide beam they are really needed.

We eventually set off on our weekend away, early Saturday afternoon, after seeing Chris off. Well the inevitable happened, no sooner had we set off the heavens opened! Sods Law! We moored up and waited for the rain to stop which lucky for us, wasn't long, so off we went.

As I said we couldn't go far, so once we reached a nice quiet place we stopped. We were just beyond Heatons bridge, moored next to a field with a couple of horses in it. After having something to eat we just wound down and relaxed, bliss!.

I decided to call to the horses in the field, a lovely brown and white one came over to the fence, Bobby had never seen a horse close up before and his reaction was comical! His little eyes nearly popped out of his head, the horses head was probably the same size as the whole of Bobby! He promptly put his defences up and growled and barked at the horse. He really didn't like it at all, but I did manage to take some photos.

While we were out John said he would take me for a nice meal. When we got up Sunday, I cooked a full english We then just relaxed on the back deck and laughed at Bobby keeping a wary lookout for the big monster, ( The Horse )! After eating such a big breakfast we decided that on the way home we would call into the new Scarisbrick Marina for a meal. My Mum had said the meals were really nice there so we thought we would give it a try. It was quite nice to be able to sail the boat and moor up outside the coffee shop in the marina.

After studying the menu board, John and I both decided on the quiche with salad, then hopefully, ( in my case anyway ) followed by one of the delicious cakes on offer. Well, I would now like to describe how wonderful the meal was, no such luck! On waiting to be served I noticed it didn't look as if you could pay with your card! I was so disappointed. We just had enough for a coffee and a coke! So on to plan B, which was to sail out of the Marina, and on to The Saracens Head Pub for a well deserved Sunday Roast! Very nice it was too!

Changing the subject of stuffing our faces,to something completely different, Coots! While sitting on the back deck relaxing, I couldn't help but notice the plight of the mother Coots. While the baby Coots are all very cute and fluffy, with their silver grey feathers, the little buggers never shut up! They constantly screech, screech and then screech some more. The poor mother Coots must be driven nuts, its not as if they can shove a dummy in their mouths to shut them up like we can! I actually watched the Mum with one of her screeching off spring, she took so much and then she turned on it as if to say, " for goodness sake stop your whinging "! She then flounced off in a Cooty huff, and hid her self away for a bit of peace!

In the meantime John had thrown some Broccoli in the cut, this kept the baby Coots entertained for ages, diving to get it from under the water. I swear the mother Coot winked at me as she swam passed, as if she was so grateful that we were entertaining the kids while she had a rest!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok I give up!

Well in my previous post I intended to give you a photographic run down of my life with Tickety Boo so far, good intentions hey. Well after starting out well I quickly discovered, you can't rearrange photos and position them where you want them in your post. That I am afraid is no good to me. After a quick phone call to my mentor, Heather, Takey Tezey, ( Thankyou Heather ), my problem should hopefully be solved soon. So once again I have to ask you all to put up with my inadequacy once again!

Blimey days, this blogging lark is a hoot, what! No doubt it is easy when you know how, but when you don't know how, it isn't!! Here was me thinking once I got my Lap top I would be a top notch publisher in five minutes, you know getting a phone call off Waterways World asking me to be their new editor!!!!. Maybe not!. Like I have said before, this blogging is all good fun.

Oh and by the way, Waterways World, I will have to decline your offer, I couldn't possibly desert my blogging public!...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whats in a name?

Andy,( Nb Khayamanzi) has just given me the idea for this post. He replied to a comment I had left on his blog, telling me a boat had just moved on to his Marina called, Tickety Boo, excellent choice for a name!

This got me to thinking, of all the names our boat was nearly called!

Its starts off being quite exciting, choosing a name for your boat, then it gets a bit stressfull, (well it did for me) wondering if you have made the right choice!

Anyway,to begin with I quite liked, River Pheonix, but decided just because I thought he was a gorgeous actor, it didn't mean I had to call the boat afer him!
Next, I came up with Tiger Lily, Aurora Bourialis, (bit of a mouthfull)!Serendipity, (I think thats how you spell it),Tranquility, the list just went on and on, but nothing we came up with did it for us.

Then we went on to the names John liked. He chose Fugazi, an album by Fish of Marillion fame, now I quite liked that at the time, but then changed my mind. another name he liked was a song title, Slow Poke, by Neil Young. Now I don't know about you but I thought that was a tad risque! Eventually, after giving up all hope of ever finding a name we liked, I heard somebody on TV saying that every thing was Tickety Boo, that was it! So Tickety Boo was born. Its only just recently we have heard of other people choosing the same name, which I take as a compliment. It was obvious that somewhere on the system there was bound to be more Tickety Boo's!

A couple of years ago John said he had just seen a boat called, " My Ankle"! What a weird name for a boat. We eventually became friends of the crew, Frank and Pauline, who explained it was a play on the letters of their sons names. Personally John and I thought, " My Arse " would have been funnier!

As I have said in my Post or Comments before, we have seen some weird and wonderfull boat names on our travels, some of my favourites being, Weary Tired, Woof Bark Donkey, (If any body knows where this name originates from please let me know)Kids Inheritence,Canalgeisic,Idanoe,Idanoe is owned by friends of ours who came up with the name when somebody asked what the boat was called and they replied, " I dunno " ( I don't know, for you non scousers out there)!

Two other names we came up with after we had chosen Tickety Boo, were Ripples and Steel Magnolia, both of which are nice but we prefer, Tickety Boo!

One name that really made us laugh, and was brought to our attention by Nev, Nb Waterlily, is W.Anchor. This boat actually passed our mooring the other day coming back from Liverpool, so Nev, we too have seen the W.Anchor..........

Saturday, June 20, 2009


At last, got my template back in order, don't know about colour or font, but for the moment I will leave well alone!

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks the volume of boats has risen, passing us on the way to the new Liverpool Link. We enjoyed it when we went, but would like to go again and stay a bit longer next time. It would be quite nice to go into town for a meal, and then back to the boat in the Salthouse Dock.

So if you pass Tickety Boo on your way through to the Link, give us a toot and a wave,your more than welcome to stop and have a cuppa with us if you have time.

If you have already travelled through to the Link I would love to know how you got on and what you think of it.

Over the years since we have had the boat, we have heard horror stories about boats being bricked and abuse from undesireables. I can honestly say hand on heart that we had no problem going through to Liverpool. Maybe the odd bit of rubbish around the prop, but you have to expect that in boating.A lot of people have suggested it was quiet because all the kids were in school, but to be honest the little so and so's that cause the trouble would probably bunk off anyway!

Just before I go, I must just tell you what John and I spotted floating down the canal the other day, a floral tribute, obviously from a keen fishermans funeral. It was in the shape of a fish surrounded with white and yellow flowers, it was beautifully made, John and I both thought it was a really nice touch to think that these flowers would float passed all the places where the fisherman enjoyed to fish.

I wonder if they fish in Heaven........


Well I have had good old play on my laptop, a bit too much of a play me thinks!

I played around on my blog with new templates, new layouts, font, colour and all that. You may ask why? Well just because I could! Now I can't get it back the way it was! Did you lot out there fiddle about like this, when you started blogging, or am I just too much of a fiddler?

My followers are now at the top of my blog, as much as I love you all I don't want you there! Goodness knows where my archives have gone??? Oh come back old template all is forgiven!

Well I will try again later, see what I can do, so in the meantime, to all you readers out there, can you just put up with my higgledy piggledy lay out. I promise Mr Blog Boss, I won't fiddle again.

Thinking about it, my original template was ok, why couldn't I leave well alone.

Well Nev, on NB Waterlily, THIS is what you call a whingy blog!!!!!!

Whinge over!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dongled up and ready to fly!

Today was my 50th Birthday! Not quite sure how I feel about that!

My lovely Daughter Kirsty had arranged for an early Birthday celebration on Sunday, as this was the only day possible to round up every body to be there. When I arrived I was greeted by, Kirsty, Heather, my other daughter, Dean, my son, my Mum, brother John and my John. It was a lovely surprise when I got there, Kirsty had put baloons up, and her and Mum had laid on a spread, which was later added to with a couple of bargain buckets from KFC.

Even though I never normally open cards or presents before my actual birthday,I bent the rules on this occasion.Dean, Kirsty and Heather presented me with a big box, on opening it I was blown away to discover they had all clubbed together to buy me a Laptop!!

As readers of my blog will know I have been wanting to get a Laptop, but knew it would be a while before I could afford one.

Well as you can imagine I was like an excited child on Christmas morning! All I had to do now was get a Dongle, ( daft name if you ask me). I should have gone with my instinct and gone for T Mobile, as I have a been blogging on my G1 phone with this network for a while,even if a bit slow at times, it was good enough for me.

After asking advice, from instore and freinds, I decided to go with 3, as this seemed to be the best deal for the £15 a month. I remember reading a blog not so long ago, that said 3 was crap, their words not mine!

Well.... I am beginning to wonder if they were right! After Dingle Dongleing for hours, I couldn't get connected, and you all know how frustrating that is. All last night for hours I tried, no luck,again this morning, for hours... Fingers crossed I have been connected for an hour! Is it just teething problems? does it take hours to settle in, or is 3 indeed crap!(my words this time)

I am beginnig to chomp at the bit, wanting to race back to, Car Phone Warehouse, with tail between legs and go back to T Mobile. Luckily I am not tied to 3, I can change if I want to, I have a month to make up my mind.I don't know about being 50, after all this faffing about I feel about 92 and counting!!

Joking aside, I am really, really chuffed to bits with my new laptop,thanks to Kirstys bright idea and Heather and Dean chipping in. It will make blogging so much easier and even more enjoyable. What great kids I have, (I always knew that anyway though)!

Well, ( I am whispering saying this ) I'm still connected, so maybe it was just teething problems,if so I will be the first to apologise to 3, cap in handish!

Now I have to learn how to put photos on my blog all over again, as ts slightly different on here than the G1. I am sure given time I will work it out, and anyway it will keep this old fart out of trouble for a while!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frog Fright!

After reading Nb Bones post about the frog, it reminded me of something froggy that happend to me some years ago.

When we lived in a house we had a neighbour called, Carol. We got on really well and spent many a sunny afternoon chatting over the fence.

I was busy doing housework one warm afternoon, I had the french doors open to let in a breeze. I heard a commotion out in Carols back garden. On going out to investigate, I found Carol near hysteria! She had spotted a frog near her back door and was terrified it was going to hop in to her house!

Carol had, had a fear of frogs since childhood which I thought quite funny, as I quite like frogs. Me being the brave one offerd to move the little frog, who had hopped in to a corner so couldn't escape anywhere. As I stooped down and went to pick up the frog to my horror it sqealed, a real high pitched noise, well Carol screamed and I just ran with fright and ended up at the bottom of the garden!

I had never heard a frog make a noise other than a croak, but apparently its a warning to predetors or when the frog is in danger. So now you know, Frogs scream! Oh and for the record , so does Carol!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

" Blue Peter " moments!

If you read my last post, you will have realised I was having a Blue Peter urge, with my DIY curtains. Well today I will show you how to make a Bilge Pump out of an old squeezy bottle, some sticky back plastic and an old egg carton! Oh ok only joking, if only it was that simple.

Changing the subject completely, I would like to tell you about my episode with a con merchant. As I have mentioned before, I work part time in a Discount store. I was on the till yesterday, it wasn't mad busy just a steady stream of customers through the check out. A young girl came through my till, I would say she was in her early twenties.

On purchasing a 99p dog collar, the girl paid with a ten pound note, as I gave her the change of a five pound note, four pound coins and a penny, she asked if I could give her change of ten pounds ?? After serving the next customer I opend the till and told the girl I had no fivers in my till ( are you keeping up?) On telling her this she said it was ok she would give me change for a tenner

On giving her the tenner for her fiver and five pound coins, she really quickly offered me the tenner back and asked for her twenty back !!! Now if this sounds confusing to you I can assure you at this point my head was spinning. I realised she was conning me and told her to get lost, and leave the shop. For a split second though I nearly did give her the twenty pound note! This all happend in seconds, I can understand how people fall for it.

Apparantly, two cashiers have been duped into giving these con merchants twenty pound notes. They are so clever how they do it, very quick, not giving you a chance to think, they often target the young cashiers ( I will take that as a compliment)! when the store is busy, which our store often is. This girl must have been desperate, the store was quite empty and she picked on an older cashier.

She well and truly got her eye wiped, and soon found out I am not as daft as I look!!

As you can imagine, getting back to the peace and quiet of the mooring, away from the mad hustle and bustle of the shop, is absolute bliss!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

DIY Porthole Curtains ( Night Time )

When we first got the boat my Mum made us lovely porthole stoppers. They were made of foam discs covered in material. As time went on I discovered the foam was'nt quite rigid enough to hold the stoppers in place. Eventually after wondering what I could use as a rigid frame I spotted Hoola Hoops in the shop where I work. You know, the ones you put around your waste, and Hoola!.

I stripped the bright pink plastic off to reveal white tubing. Perfect. I then cut to the size I wanted, and used original material to cover hoop, gather into the middle and add matching button. I also put blackout material inside the hoop so it would block out early morning sunlight. I sewed a little loop on to the stopper to make it easy to remove from the porthole. Because the stopper is now rigid, you can have window open behind it to cut down on condensation. Job done!

DIY Porthole Curtains. ( Daytime )

I have seen a lot of Boats with Lace Doilys in the portholes. I can't crochet, and couldn't find 15 inch Doilys anywhere. I managed to find a 15 inch Quilt frame, similar to the hoops you use for embroidery. I bought two and because its a double hoop on each, they would do four portholes. I cut four circles out of some net and then stapled to the hoops. They look neat and tidy, don't block any light out and didn't cost the earth! Plus they give us a bit more privacy in daylight hours.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Scary Photo!

I have just had to renew my driving license photograph. The ten year life span of my old photo was up. Off I trotted to my nearest Photo shop, where I had to sit in the middle of the shop to have a passport style photo taken.

How do the people who work in these shops keep a straight face? The very nice lady who took my photo had to redo it, because on the first one she took I was showing my teeth! How very naughty of me. The second one she said was fine.

I stuck the photo in the envelope with the form, posted it, and forgot all about it, until today. My new license arrived complete with new photo. I wasn't showing my teeth but was doing an excellent impression of a Bulldog chewing a wasp.

So now I am stuck with this terrible photo for ten years, heaven forbid I ever have to show it to anybody.

Why can't you smile on these photos, is it just to give the workers in the License/ Passport office a laugh, looking at all the glum faces. Personally I would find it quite depressing having to look at long faces all day!

Well I am stuck with my new license because I am not forking out another £26.00. That's how much it was with the photos.

When John saw the photo he gave me a new nick name, " old scare the kids". He says the nicest things.......

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our Boy.

Bobby peeping through the long grass. Does he think we can't see him!

Too hot to handle!

I love sunny days, but don't much like very hot sunny days, I don't do heat. I could never live in a very hot country, I would melt!

However, the last couple of days have been a refreshing change from wind and rain. Its great weather for cruising as when your on the move there is always a breeze to keep you cool.

I find that hot days just make me drowsy. I am not moaning honest! Its great to see the way sunshine cheers everybody up, and brings people out in the open.

Autumn is my favourite season, sunny but cool. The colours of Autumn are stunning too. Not that I am wishing it to come too soon.

I will never understand why people spit roast themselves smotherd in oil, I can't think of a more uncomfortable passtime. Well every body to their own I suppose. The weather is due to change, according to the forcasts. Cool air can move in whenever it likes as far as I am concerned!

We have just been passed by two very impressive Hotel Boats, Taurus and Snipe, on their way through to Liverpool. I don't think I have ever seen two boats so well cared for, they are a credit to their owners. Seeing these two lovely boats has made me more determined to get Ticketys paint job underway!

Can I just say Hi to my followers and please feel free to leave comments, good or bad! Also to any new readers of this blog who may be thinking of delving into Narrow boat world, please don't hesitate to be nosey and ask questions, and if I can advise in anyway I will do. Not that I am an expert by any means, but its sometimes nice to talk to people who have had experience of living aboard, if that's what you are thinking of doing. Be warned though I will encourage you all the way!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unplanned Holiday!

Well, what started off as a short weekend away to meet a fellow Blogger, turned into a weeks holiday!

We set off teatime Friday. I had been in work all day so John got the boat all ready so we could set off as soon as I arrived home. Dave and Alison started out with us on their cruiser, Kestrel. ( Dave and Alison are friends of ours from the moorings ). They were only going to Haskayne,and we were carrying on to Burscough for the night,

Things very rarely go to plan for boaters, as you know.... Ten minutes into our journey, Kestrel coughed and splutterd to a halt. After much humming and ahhing, and still non the wiser as to what the problem was we decided to tow Kestrel to Haskayne, where Alison and Dave would be joined by friends the next day.

We decided to spend the night with Alison and Dave, then travel on to Parbold the next day, where we would meet up with WB Takey Tezey. Alison had brought homemade Beef Strogonoff, that she kindly shared with us for tea, it was delicious and much appreciated. We spent the rest of the night on the back deck having a drink and a good old natter.

The following day we travelled on to the Rufford Branch on the Leeds Liverpool, where Takey Tezey would be coming up Lathom Locks to meet us. I have been reading Takey Tezey Tales and was really looking forward to meeting her crew, Heather and Dave

After waiting a while at the Locks we saw Takey Tezey making her way up the last two locks. It felt weird seeing her the flesh, a lovely boat she is too! Introductions over we had a drink from, the Ship Pub, known locally as, The Blood Tub, ( Don't ask! Its not as sinister as it sounds though ) As we stood around having our drink Takey Tezey rose in the lock all by herself!

The plan was that we would spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning with Heth and Dave, then make are way back, as I was in work Bank Holiday Monday. We were getting on so well I decided to phone my boss and ask for the Monday off, to my surprise he agreed. We went on to spend a really enjoyable couple of days.

Saturday night we spent at Parbold, by the old Windmill. We had a drink on TT and we all had a good chat, and had a meal from the chippy, a rare treat indeed, as john and I had'nt had a nice chippy meal for a while, ( healthy eating and all that )

Sunday we travelled through to Appley Bridge through the Lock and on to Deans Lock. We were going to stay at Deans Lock but decided to travel on further. We eventually moored out side The Navigation Pub, newly named The Baby Elephant, an Indian Restaurant. We all had a nice meal there, my dish was called, " Naga Naga" which John thought was quite apt for me!

Monday, we travelled back through Deans Lock to Appley Bridge, but instead of going down the Lock we moored at the top, which gave us a great view. We had a BBQ and may I say Dave is a great BBQ chef! We liked where we were, so stayed another night.

Wednesday, was to be our last night. We had really enjoyed Heather and Daves company, they are a great couple and really good fun. We decided to head back to Burscough, to a pub called, The Farmers Arms . We moored out side the pub and went in for a meal. We had a great night, a good few scoops plenty of banter and laughter. I think the Landlord thought he had gone deaf when we left the pub, the volume rose steadily with each glass of wine!

Thursday came all too soon, it was time to make our way back. We enjoyed our unplanned Holiday and will keep in touch with Takey Tezey and her crew!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hoorar, the rain has stopped!

So this is what blue sky looks like!

At Last!

I feel really daft telling you this, but all you nice people out there who take the time to read my blog, must have noticed. I did'nt put any paragraphs in. Now I will tell you why, ( this is the part where I hang my head in shame ) I didn't know how to!

But look now I do! I tried to make paragraphs with the space bar thingy, which worked until I posted, then the paragraphs would disappear!

Whatever next? Maybe next week I will learn to put commas in the right place!

To be honest, it doesn't really matter does it? It wouldn't put me off reading a blog, if there were no paragraphs, commas or full stops. As long as the content was interesting why worry about a few dots and squiggles.

Huge apologies to all you English Teachers out there, but I would hate to think that a potential blogger out there, would hesitate to post because they feel they can't punctuate properly.

Just before I go can I just say, HOORAR the rains gone off!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flutter by...

I found this gorgeous Butterfly on the pathway leading to the Boat. The colours are amazing.

Panic over!

I havn't been able to post anything to my blog for two days. I was just about to give in to hysteria, when I did something to restore my new post thingy.

I felt totally cut off from Blog World, well not completly, I was still able to catch up and read all the blogs I follow. I did post a comment to The English Blogger, but don't. know if it arrived, so apologies now for repeating my self.

I read the post on The Robber Button Blog about somebody passing a comment about the boat being like a Caravan! Before I go on I will just say at this point ,I have nothing against Caravans, I have freinds with Tourers and Statics and very nice they are too.

Comparing a Narrowboat to a Caravan is like comparing a House to a Tent! For a start Caravans don't float and you can't drive a Narrowboat down the Motorway, ( unless on the back of a lorry ). I have yet to see a caravan with a Rudder or a narrowboat with an Awning, mind you that might not be a bad idea, a bank awning for while your moored up.

A friend of ours came to see us on our boat, on entering the boat he said it reminded him of a train! So I gave him a sandwich curled up at the edges, a cup of tea in a polystyrene cup and got him home two hours late! Train indeed.

Now for a different subject, I have a request, will somebody please turn off the rain! I personally quite like the rain, I love the pitter, patter on the roof when we're all cosied up inside. I love the way after rain all the trees and plants look lush and fresh, but nuff is enough. As much as I love our dog, Bobby, damp Dog is not one of my favourite odours

Well hopefully out on the Boat at the weekend, I hope the rain has a rest and the wind stays in bed! I am used to getting wet being a Boater in England, but I swear I am starting to rust around the edges!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boatwork Envy!

All us Boatwives, ( posh name for Galley slaves! ) are now in a complete frenzy after reading Heather's post on her blog, Takey Tezey Tales, the one titled, " Domino effect " Within seconds of reading it we were all checking to see how dirty our cooker hobs are, or how grubby the rug is looking. So armed with rubber gloves and products so expertly advertised by the above, we are a force to be reckoned with!

I personally think Heather is a secret agent for cleaning products, I bet if you had a secret peek into her Kitchen cupboard its floor to ceiling freebies from fairy and Rugbusters! Through gritted teeth I will admit Heather should now be at the top of the charts for Best Hob and Rug, and I now would like to present her with, GALLEY SLAVE OF THE MONTH. Heather, please take a bow, we eagerly await your acceptence speech, ( no pressure! ) Actually joking aside I think bad job done good!

As for advertising products on our blogs, has anybody tried Mr Muscle Showershine, its fantastic, ( deep breaths ) when you have had your shower you just spray Showershine and it cleans your shower cubicle for you, no wiping rubbing or scrubbing, I kid you not its great! Just one more, ( see what you've started Heth ) Oven Pride, which is a big plastic bag that comes in a box with cleaning product. You put yukky oven shelves in the bag with said product, leave for stated time then hey presto gleaming oven shelves! Oh ok, to be honest I bought this product weeks ago and still havn't tried it, I will let you know if it does what it says on the box.

Then there are Micro Fibre Cloths what did we do before they were invented.....

I can hear the distinct echo of people all over blog world telling me to go get a life!! Oh ok then.....( nowt wrong with being Boat Proud is there? )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the grind

Went back to work today after having three weeks off, to look after John. I was'nt looking forward to it at all! I work in a Discount store a couple of days a week. Its not the best job in the world but it helps pay the bills. Its one of those jobs you can leave at the end of the day and not give it another thought. Just the type of job I wanted, as previously I was a Care worker, great job but I found it hard to switch off at the end of the day. It drove me nuts, so I left.

On a Monday the first half of the day I stock the shelves, then in the afternoon I go on the till. Its a freindly shop with plenty of banter and laughing.

The afternoon was pretty uneventfull until a lady came through my till with her Grandaughter. The little girl was cute as a button, and she had picked up a childs Winnie The Pooh brolly. Her Gran asked me to tell her she couldn't have it. What do you say to a little four year old who desperately wants her Pooh brolly? I felt awfull and just told her as nicely as I could that we couldn't sell Pooh Brollys if it wasn't raining, ( Ah come on give me a break! ) this gorgeous little girl looked at me as if I was the wicked witch of the north, I was waiting for the rest of the queue to start hissing and booing me! Anyway she trotted off out of the shop with her gran, and just as they walked out they both turned to look at me and the Gran said to her, "She was a naughty Lady wasn't she?" Thanks a bunch Mrs! All in a days work!

One of my favourite wind ups is asking men if they need instructions when they buy a mop! I am going to end up wearing said mop one of these days! Goodnight.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Celebrity on the Loose!

I was having a bit of a " Down in the Dumps " morning . What with recent events and coming to terms with what's happend. Anyway before I got too deep into myself pity mode, I heard somebody singing quite loudly on the opposite towpath. Its amazing how sound carries down the cut. It wasn't just somebody humming a tune, it was a full blown song. I couldn't resist having a peep to see who it was. Blow me it was Les Dennis strolling down the path singing his head off! Before I realised who it was he had gone. If I had seen him coming I would have opend the side hatch and given him a round of applause! Needless to say my wallowing in self pity came to an abrupt halt. Thanks Les, its not everyday your cheered up by a celeb!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ken, your a fool!

I've just watched Corrie, I can't believe Ken walked away from a wonderfull life afloat with Martha, doesn't he know she fought her way through Tenko and the Colbys to get where she is today! He chose to go back to raspy voice Dreary and the wicked witch of the street, Blanch. Oh Ken you don't know what your missing!.Oops I've just admitted to watching Corrie! Anyway we went to Worsley a couple of years ago, and moored just by the bridge where Ken was filmed. It was a lovely day and we watched a bride having her photo taken. Never mind Martha, I reckon you had a lucky escape!

Re Photos.

I have posted three photos on my blog. Not the best of photos granted, but non the less at least I got them on there! The camera on this G1 phone isn't too hot.

There are lots of photos I want to share with you, but as I don't have a PC I need to go to my Daughters and get her to sort me out. I have pictures on my Digital camera plus older photographs that need to be scanned and downloaded onto my blog. If that sounds like I know what I am talking about its a flook, I don't!

Anyway back to my three photos. The one of our four legged sailor, Bobby, looking out of the side hatch, must have you thinking he must have very long legs for a Scottish Terrier!1 I am holding him in my arms but didn't want to be in the photo.

The next photo is of my chill spot where I love to sit on a Summers evening.

The third photo I took to show the name on the boat was for a reason, allow me to explain. When we were chosen as one of the boats to go to the opening ceremony of the new Liverpool Link, the boat didn't have her name on. So me being me wanted to get the name on her so people would know what she was called.

I found a Graphic company that kindly said they would do it in a hurry for us. I chose the font and colour and true to his word the man had it done for us the same day. I couldn't let Tickety sail through to Liverpool with no name! I also picked a scroll out of the book of hundreds, BIG mistake I wanted the scroll for under the name, and as you can see on the photo that's where it went. What's wrong with that I hear you say.weeelll if you look at the scroll and imagine it cut in half, it looks like a cartoon drawing of the male anatomy!!!

Me being a smart arse asked the graphic guy to do me a scroll for the bow to match the one under the name. He did half of the scroll a lot larger and dutifully applied it to the bow. To my shock and horror it just looked like a giant cartoon of, yes you've guessed it, the male anatomy!11. It was removed pronto!

All I can say is thank goodness this name and scroll isn't Ticketys permanent adornment!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health Kick!

Since John had his Heart Attack we have decided, not before time, to change our eating habits. No more frying foods, cut chips out, eat more fish, fruit and veg. I always thought eating healthy would be really boring, but surprisingly it isn't too bad.

My Mum has bought us a fatbusting George Foreman grilling machine! Its great. I did peppers, onion and tomatoes on it last night it was delicious! We will still have treats now and again, life would be quite boring without the odd naughty nibble, but we will eat more sensible now. I need to lose weight any way, I stopped smoking nearly twelve months ago and have piled on the weight. If anything didn't move for more than a minute I would eat it! If I get any bigger I will need to shoehorn my self on and off the boat!

John has now stopped smoking too, so hopefully this will be the start of a healthier life style for both of us. John is getting stronger bit by bit each day, I can't think of a better place for him to be to get better. Being here on the boat is idyllic, with the added bonus being, we can pull the pins at any time and tootle off down the cut!

At the moment though, Ticketys engine is making a peculiar banging noise, as we are not sure what it is we will wait until we have her checked out before we take her out again. Its Sods Law, as soon as you can't take the boat out, you want to, but just in case the banging is causing any damage to anything in the engine, we won't take any chances.

Just before I go apologies once again for the lack of photos on my blog. It would be so much more interesting with photos. As I have said I am blogging on the T mobile G1 phone. I have no idea how to work out some of the gobbledy gook on the web on how to send pictures from my phone to my blog. I will keep trying but failing that we are hoping to get a laptop soon. Will that make things easier?? At least then I can take photos with my new Digital camera and then put them on my blog. I wonder how long it will take me to work out how to do that! Any bets?

Monday, April 27, 2009

To go back to the very beginning..... Chapter 5

We found out vert quickly that fitting out a boat was not really the same as DIY in a house! Apart from the fact your working in very limited spaces, the plumbing is somewhat different too! This was all so alien to John and I, so thankfully my Brother, John, came to our rescue. He too wasn't sure how to go about fitting the boat out. He would get information from the internet which he would study and then he would put into practice what he had learned. He was amazing! He did all the plumbing, including Gas central heating, all the electrics, 240 and 12v, not only did he do all that he helped with other things too. He put antifreeze in the system to save us having any problems in the winter. To say he was fantastic only scratches the surface, we just couldn't have done it without him. Once all the plumbing and electrics were in place we brought in a Corgi Registered Gas Fitter to check everything before we used it. We also got a professional electrician in to look over the wiring. Everything passed with flying colours. Considering my Brother had no experience of Boatfitting he had done an incredible job! My Mum really helped us out too, buying us a cooker, washing machine, dryer and many otherthings along the way we will always be gratefull for the help we got from both Mum and my Brother John. Once plumbing and electrics were in place we could really get down to business. John had installed the bulk heads so the rooms were defined. The layout from Stern to Bow being, Bedroom, Bathroom, Galley and Saloon. John really wanted to build the Kitchen from scratch, but as he had put in so much work doing everything else we decided to buy a kitchen in and alter it to fit the Galley, ( sounds simple but like everthing else it was a job and a half!) We chose a shaker style in a lovely Buttermilk shade, and topped them off with solid wood Butcher block work tops. The Buttermilk complimented all the other wood on the boat and we were delighted with the finished kitchen. The splashback tiles we chose were like a washed out terecotter and beige, these we used for around the fire too. I wanted quite neutral colours for the permanent fixtures so that in the future I would be able to have a change of colour scheme. When we first got the boat we needed something up on the windows for privicy, as I didn't want the lovely new curtains Mum had made getting ruined with dirt and dust, we opted for plastic venetion blinds. The blinds were only a temporary measure, but we liked them so much that when all the fitting out was finished and we were'nt creating so much dust, we invested in some really nice wooden blinds. They complimented the decor in the saloon and Galley perfectly. I also put up the nice check terracotta curtains Mum kindly made, but with the blinds I don't need to close the curtains, so they stay neatly tied back. Also when most of the dusty, dirty jobs were out of the way we finally, at last, put our Stressless swivel chairs in place on the boat. That day was special, after using foldaway deckchairs for so long, it gave us a real buzz to see our gorgeous new chairs in place! I must have been mad choosing cream leather but that's what I wanted and they do look nice. Just a quick wipe now and again keeps them clean., and again they will go with any colour I might want to change to in the future. The Bathroom we did in plastic paneling. I wanted tiles to begin with, but my brother had recently had his bathroom done in white panels and it looked great, so decision made. John was just going to panel the shower and halfway up the walls, but we liked the look so much we decided to do the whole Bathroom, and very smart it looked to! To break up all the white John put chrome coloured strips inbetween the panels of white, the strips complimented the chrome heated towel rail and taps. I now had a gorgeous Bathroom! The white Bathroom was a nice contrast to all the wood in the boat, it gave a feel of airiness and spaceplus yet again, I could change the look of the Bathroom with different coloured towels, mats etc.I had lots of Lilac towels and bits and peices from the house so chose to use them rather than go to more expense. The white, chrome and Lilac looks fresh and clean and people often comment on how nice it looks. The Bedroom was an absolute pleasure to finish. Being able to fall into bed in the finished room was bliss! There was nothing special about the Bedroom fitout, we didn't go over board with fancy touches, just the bed, wardrobe, overbed locker and a drawer unit with basket drawers that looks like it was made to measure! Once nice bedding, a few knicknacks and pictures were put into place the Bedroom looked really inviting. I also added some of those wavy mirrors to reflect some of the light coming through the port holes, it worked too! Finally I treated my self to a lovely little Tiffany Lamp which gives off a nice cosy glow on those long dark winter nights.. Tiffany Lamps are like Marmite, you either love em or hate em, I personally love them and thinkk they look really great on Narrowboats. I have two Tiffanyish lamps in the Saloon but I have promised myself two real ones one day, I think I will get myself a money box for my Tiffany fund as they are so expensive, but worth it in my opinion. There were many many things we got really excited over once they were first fitted, but one thing that sticks in my mind was the fire. The day that went in I was over the moon, that little black fire sitting in the corner on the plinth that John built, and I proudly tiled, blew us away! My Brother, with John helping fitted the fire for us too! ( was there anything he couldn't do??!0 when we lit the fire for the first time, all three of us ran outside to watch amazed as the smoke spiralled out of the newly appointed chimney! That little fire was the icing on the Tickety Boo Cake! It turned what was just a boat into our hard earned cozy home, that even after all the blood, sweat and tears we both loved with a passion. We very rarely use the central heating as the fire is so hot,but the heating is nice as a back up. There are still lots of tales about Ticketys fit out that I will share now and again but for now that more or less brings us up to present day. Its been five Years this year, its been the biggest learning curve ever for both John and I. We have learned how to cope with disapointment and turn it around, we have learned how to be oh so gratefull for what we do have, most important of all we have learnt, after recent events just how precious life is, and how important to appreciate each day no matter what the content of that day might be. We have personally learnt that we would both prefer to be rich with time not money. After everything that's been thrown at us, and we know only too well people go through far worse, we have come out the other end closer than ever, and so looking forward to whatever life may bring on board Tickety Boo.! Watch this space!........................

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everywhere's Green Again!

It amazes me how thing quickly become lush and green once the spring arrives. One minute the trees are bare, the next they are adorned in their fine greenery. The grass after sleeping all winter springs back to life, I swear it grows inches while we sleep! Have the seasons always changed so quickly, or is it just as you get older they speed up? I really hope we have decent painting weather this summer. We have concentrated more on the inside of the boat, so now that's finished, [ I know boats are never really finished, but you know what I mean! ] we really need to tidy up the outside. Tickety Boo's. Lush green paint is looking faded and dull so she needs a good few coats of paint. As we will be painting her outside we are depending on the weather being kind. As you all know if you paint and the metal is too hot in the sunshine, the paint goes like sticky chewing gum! If you paint too late in the day and the gloss hasn't dried properly, it goes damp of an evening which makes the paint bloom, [ I thing that's what its called ] which takes all the shine off the paint. So pleeeeease be nice weather for Ticketys paint job! I am off another week to keep an eye on John to make sure he doesn't do too much, he is doing really well, just feeling tired. He has had quite a few visitors and lots of Get Well cards, people are so kind. I have had really kind messages off other Bloggers wishing John well. One such message off a lovely lady called, Deb, who left a comment after she had read my Blog, " Wake up call". Thankyou for that Deb it really did lift our spirits and we wish you and your husband well. When you finally get your own Narrowboat I hope we are fortunate to bump into you somewhere on the cut. Well its nearly time for Dozy and Dim, [the nickname my Daughter, Kirsty gave us when we got the boat! ] to go to bed so I will bid you all Goodnight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wake up call.

I havn't written or been able to read any blogs for a while because I have just gone through one of the worst times of my life. It was a gorgeous sunny day on saturday, an ideal day for a cruise but John was helping a mate to put in new gas lockers on his boat. Sunday was equally sunny so we went out. We needed to pick up a gas bottle from the Red Lion Caravan Centre, so rather than go in the car we took the preferred mode of transport. We had a great day, we picked up the gas and then had a nose around the new Scarisbrick Marina that's just opened. The Marina was really nice with a nice. Coffee shop on site. I popped into the coffee shop to ask if you could moor your boat outside if you wanted lunch or coffee. The nice man I spoke to asked what type of boat we had and was it a nice boat, because they didn't want scruffy boats in the Marina!! I laughed and assured him our boat was indeed not scruffy. Now I don't know if I want to sail Tickety Boo into the Marina because of this comment. In a way I can understand to a certain extent because the Marina is gorgeous but with that policy in force will it put ordinary boaters like us off because we don't have a top of the range narrowboats, I think that would be such ashame. In my experience of boating it doesn't matter how old or new your boat is or how much money you have in the bank. We all share the love of boating and in my mind boaters should remain classless, we all love our boats whether its a new boat, old boar or whatever. I wonder how well the burger company with the big M would have got on if they didn't allow less than perfect cars through their drive through..................... Anyway we turned back and decided just to take a nice easy cruise back. Halfway home we bumped into mates from the mooring having a BBQ on the bank, we moored up and had a drink with them, John had a burger and we just had a really fun afternoon with so much laughter and micky taking as is the norm with these boaty get togethers. We got back just as the sun was going to bed. We had a bite to eat and settled to watch a bit of TV before showers and bed as we were both in work the next day. John wasn't looking forward to going back after being off for twe weeks. I went to bed first and John followed about half an hour later. No sooner had he got in bed he started to complain of feeling unwell, I just put it down to the day we had and the fact he had eaten a burger and had a few drinks. I was half asleep and just thought John was overreacting, oh how wrong was I . He steadily got worse and when he asked me to phone an Ambulance I knew this wasn't just a reaction to what he had eaten. We had always planned that incase of emergency we would sail the boat to the nearest available point where an Ambulance could get to. While I am in a total panic not knowing what to do first John had managed to pull on his clothes and headed out the door and down the tow path. By this time I was panic stricken, I couldn't chase him I was practically nude, I was trying to ring the Ambulance and dress at the same time, I was hopeless, I am usually great in a crisis cool, calm and collected but here I was losing the plot, badly and at the worst possible time . I finally caught up with John as he reached the mooring gate, He was not good, not good at all. I was still in denial convincing myself he had food poisoning or a bad case of indegestion, I didn't want to believe that anything was going to happen to this man who I loved to bits, who was my soulmate and partner in crime, my captain, my pain in the arse, the very reason I was so happy with my life afloat was because I was sharing it with John., he was part of the Tickety Boo team, without him this team wouldn't function at all. So in my mind he just had an upset tummy and I could wind him up about it the next day. Thankfully the Ambulance was quick. They checked him out and then said they would take him to Fazakerley Hospital. I needed to go back to to the boat as I had ran and left it unlocked. I then drove to the Hospital. When I got there I was lead into a waiting area, I heard John shout my name but they wouldn't let me see him while he was being seen to. I was desperate to see him, and thought he must be ok as he shouted my name. The Doctor came to see me and took me in a side room. He explained that John was having a Heart Attack, I was stunned, I felt as if the bottom had fallen out of my world. The Doctor explaiined they were sending John to Broadgreen Hospital as that would be the best place for him. I was then allowed to see John. How happy was I to ssee him? Amazingly he was joking with the staff, I was struggleing not to cry and John was calming me down! They said I could go in the Ambulance with John, but John wanted me to follow in the car. How a drove from Fazakerly to Broadgreen I will never know. As I was getting in the car I could see Johns Ambulance pulling away, when they sped off with blue lights flashing I once again fell to peices. On arriving at Broadgreen I was completely lost didn't know where to go or where to find somebody to ask, the grounds of the hospital are huge and with it being early hours it was deserted. The only thing missing from the scene was Tumbleweed blowing about! Eventually to my relief I found somebody to ask, and was shown to the Critical Care Unit where John was being treated. He had already gone into surgery so I was shown into a waiting room. Now and again a nurse would pop in to see I was ok, they were so kind bringing me cups of tea and tissues. I seemed to be in that room for an eternity, every time I heard the door go I thought the worst, the door finally opend and John was wheeled past, he gave me the thumbs up and I knew that thankfully he was ok. They had fitted four Stents to help keep his arteries open. The Surgeon explained the procedure and that after rest and taking it easy for a while, he would lead a relativley normal life. I found that hard to believe as John has never been normal! Joking aside we will be eternally gratefull to the Surgeon and all the staff for the excellent care they gave John they were fantastic and very rarely get the praise they deserve. So now Johns home and I am so pleased to have him back, he is so happy to be back on the boat and what better place to be to get better. Writing this blog has been my therepy, for days I have been on Automatic Pilot but now after writing it all down, I am in full control again, I think!. My main concern is getting John well again, he isn't going to like being told not to do things but he has to take things slowly, which will be hard for him as he is always on the go. He has stopped smoking too as he knows he's been given a second chance and you don't throw crap at that do you? So many people have been great offering help and support, all our boaty mates especially Mark, who's been worth his weight in gold, and both our families have been great. One of our freinds asked if I was going to get John a little bell so he could ring it to call me, I told them only if he wanted to wear it where the sun don't shine!! So now into my Flo Nightingale mode to give John Some much needed TLC, and you know what, I don't mind at all because as soon as he's better I am going to kill him for giving me such a fright!1

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rise and Blog!

I normally wake early, even on my days off. I am a morning person were as John likes a lie in. It works well now that I have discovered the world of Blogs! I love to get up now have a nice cuppa and catch up with the Blogs I'm following, one of which had me nearly choking on my toasted teacake this morning! Heather, [ Takey Tezey Tales ] talking about Ballast and Poop had me laughing into my morning tea! Heather your an absolute tonic! Anyway back to this morning, eating said Teacake I heard the distinctive, Peep peep peep of a little lost Duckling looking for his Mum. Is it just me or does that noise make other boaters anxious? They are such tiny gorgeous little creatures that my heart goes out to them when they lose their Mum. They get a really rough deal anyway with all the dangers they face so to lose the safety of their Mum must fill them with fear. Last year around this time I was on the boat just after teatime and for a good fifteen minutes I could here this peep peep peep. I was willing the Mum of this little Duckling to find him. After about an hour of this peeping I went against all my instincts not to interfere and went to investigate. The poor little mite was trapped in the stretch of water between the tyres at the side of the boat. Circleing nearby were four Drakes who I knew could be quite nasty. I scooped up the little ball of fluff and took him inside. He was so tired he curled up in the palm of my hand tucked his head under his tiny little wing and promptly fell asleep. I was mesmerised watching him sleep only to jump out of my skin when a Duck loudly quacked outside the boat, before I knew it the Duckling woke and litrally sprung out of my hand and ran down the boat as fast as his little legs would carry him! I will never know if the Duck was his Mum but after gently plopping him back inthe water he happily followed her and brood of nine. I would have loved to have kept him, but he was better off with his own kind, I hope he survived. My real wish would be to see a yellow Duckling survive because in my five years of being on the cut, I have seen many little yellow balls of fluff but never seen them survive through the fluffy stage. Obviously the reason they don't survive is due to their bright yellow colour like a beacon advertising to all their predators where they are! Nature can be so cruel at times. If all the Ducklings did survive there wouldn't be any room for us lot!