Wednesday, August 25, 2010


On Saturday the 21st of August, at 10:30am, my beautiful Grandaughter, Phoebe Alice was born, weighing in at 81b 3 and a half oz. I was honoured to be there at her birth and it was an experience I will treasure always. Only all you Nan's and Grandad's out there will know just where I am at the minute, total and all consuming love for this little bundle of loveliness, a love that was instant the moment I saw her arrive! Since then, nothing else really matters I am on Planet Phoebe and loving it!

A big big thank you to Kirsty and Ian for giving me the great privilege of sharing this special time with them, and for producing the most gorgeous baby girl ever!

My life will never be the same again, its been totally enhanced now Phoebe is in it, I feel so lucky! I am just wondering....just how small can you get sailor suits made?

No apologies for being gushy and sentimental, its allowed, I'm a Nan!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Lesson for Mr Andrew Denny…

On reading Granny Buttons blog, “The Hair Of the Dog”, I was horrified, yes horrified to see that Andrew, has mistaken a lovely little West Highland Terrier, (Westie), for a Scottish Terrier, (Scotty), so just for you Mr Buttons here is the difference…


On the left, is my dog, Bobby, a Scotty, on the right his little friend, a Westie! Just to make it a little easier for you to tell them apart, the Scotty's are usually black, and Westie’s white, but to be fair to you Andrew you can get cream Scottys, which  I imagine would be confusing! Scotty's are usually more heavy set than the finer Westies, and their faces are quite different too, as you can just see in the photo, Bobby’s face is quite a bit longer than his friend the Westie’s, as your face must be now you have been told off! I did notice on your blog comments, that a lady, Ann, also pointed out your mistake, never mind it can happen to the best of us he he.





Here endeth the lesson. Oh just one more thing I agree with you hole heartedly, it must be annoying looking through a veil of fur, so as you can see I keep Bobbys fringe cut so he can see! Just as annoying as having your tail lopped off when a puppy, but there by lies another tail…

Oh, and Bobby’s reaction to your faux pas…….


Have Bike, will travel!

Bikes seem to be the flavour of the week here in blog world! Towpath Townie and Cesca have both mentioned them in their blogs recently.

Not to be left out, I want to tell you about my bike! Yes I have just been given a lilac mountain bike! How chuffed am I? Not too sure about the colour , but hey I'm not knocking it, I couldn't afford to buy one right now, so was more than grateful to be offered one for nothing.

A girl in work said she knew somebody wanting to get rid of the bike, and would I be interested. I have been toying with the idea for a while, biking it to work instead of walking or going on the bus. I must just add at this stage, I haven't ridden a bike in years, so was about to find out if its true what they say......

I left work and jumped the bus to where the bike was being kept, had a quick chat with the guy who was glad to see the back of it, thanked him very much and then went on my merry way. Now, I was about two miles from home,so decided very bravely to cycle home, after furtively glancing around to make sure nobody was watching, I got on the bike and was off! Not brave enough to go on the main road, I chose the tow path route. To my amazement I managed to ride the bike without falling off, not even any wobbling, oh ok maybe when I first hit the brakes and I feared for a split second they were going to fail me, to be followed by a sploosh as I took a nose dive into the cut! Thank fully that didn't happen! I got home in one piece, really proud of myself that I hadn't fallen off, quite surprising really as the bike has a pedal pad missing, so just had one foot on a metal bar!

You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? Well I now truly believe that, however you DO forget just how uncomfortable the saddles are! Blimey, when I got off I felt like I had been riding on a razor blade, god my bum hurt! I also for the first couple of minutes after dismounting, I couldn't straighten my legs and walked with them bowed for a while! All in all though I am pleased with my little lilac bike, first thing to do is buy new pedals, oh and more importantly a new saddle, I fancy one of these gel ones for a more comfortable ride. I will post photos soon, maybe not of me on the bike, as I don't really want to be reminded of how daft I look, but the little lilac bike will be making its debut soon!