Saturday, April 22, 2017

Boat Village Life!

Well it's Saturday in the boat village, it's a gorgeous day even if the wind is a little cold.
I have been out and had a nice walk, been to put my rubbish in the bin...loving being able to do that!!
You always have to take into consideration just how long a simple task like taking your rubbish to the bin takes! Being amongst boats where ever you are, brings out the friendliness in people, so taking a stroll around to the bins often results in chatting to people, today was no different! I said good morning to a couple with two children and two dogs we got chatting as you do. They are excitedly waiting for their new wide beam to come to the Marina, they are ecstatic and it was palpable, I was soon smiling from ear to ear for them too.

They were asking how nice was it being on the boat and in the Marina, my enthusiasm for how nice it is just made them even more excited if that was possible! How lovely for them, I hope all goes well for them, I somehow know they are going to love it!

Over the years my mood has fluctuated over my life afloat, I have never once regretted my decision to take to the canal lifestyle, I just sometimes get days when it all becomes a little overwhelming, especially when things go wrong. But then doesn't everybody feel like that whatever path they choose in life? I am an over thinker, no in fact I am an over over thinker!! I take things to heart and let them hurt more than should be allowed...I wallow in worry at times then once through the other side wonder why I have been so daft. I dust myself off and carry on!

Whatever happens in my life be it good or bad I like to think I can walk away with some clarity as to why it happened, not everything is controlled by us though is it? As I have got older though, the wisdom that comes with age does start to make more sense, well some of the time anyway!

The one thing I find difficult, really difficult is why other people can't feel what I feel? I am hopeless at drifting off into my own little bubble, Danny could tell you all about that one, he just doesn't understand where I go when I get immersed in my thoughts, it's like I have walked through a door into another dimension one that not many others if anybody can understand, whats more I like it there! When something captures my attention, however mundane it may be to others, I'm gone and sometimes for some time!! Is that a bad habit or good depends on what way you look at it! If however there is something else interesting going on that keeps me engrossed I won't disappear to the annoyance of those nearest and dearest to me, I will stay involved with them in this new interest.

Dan and I find it really hard at times, we have such diverse interests and sadly it is putting a huge strain on our relationship. as much as I have tried to inject interest into Dan about this wonderful boat lifestyle he just doesn't feel it like I do.... there by lies the problem. We will hopefully work through our differences and come up with a solution....but time will tell.

For all you lovely couples out there who both love boat life, don't ever take that for granted. I have lost count of the amount of couples who struggle because one loves the lifestyle and the other doesn't. It's not wrong on either persons account just makes things a tad difficult!!

We will either come up with a solution or sadly go our separate ways...

In the meantime I will do my up most to be happy, and I am here, other areas of my life are not so, 'plain sailing' but hopefully the storm will be weathered and a calm outlook will resume!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another New Chapter!

Well here we are again, it's been a while since I last blogged.
My life is constantly changing, whose isn't?
I haven't felt settled for a long time. Always feel comfortable on Tickety Boo, she is my sanctuary, my big steel hug that envelopes me in her safe arms!
It's the outside things that have made me feel unsettled...

I am not going to linger too much on my last mooring. What can I say, it was fabulous while it lasted...until my happiness there was brought to an abrupt halt. Now this, 'Halt' was to me at the time a nightmare but as time has gone on it wasn't such a nightmare as a blessing!

I have many fond memories of my time at the club where I was moored for 13 years. I met some lovely people, who hopefully I will see out and about on the cut. I also, to my sadness, met people who shocked me to the very core with their actions! I shouldn't think for one minute these people would ever read my blog...personally I wouldn't want them to if I am being honest but the people in question know who they are. If they are proud in how they have conducted themselves it just sums up the type of people they are. Individuals I am so glad I have distanced myself from!

I refuse to go into anymore detail than that, as individuals they don't really warrant valuable space on my blog! My blog is for nice things, they are categorically not nice!

So, on to this new chapter. I am now in a Marina! I have always dreaded the thought of being moored in a Marina! Marina's to me always conjured up a picture of a car park for boats, how wrong could I be! I now liken it more to a village, a boat village. The atmosphere here is lovely, very relaxed and well run. All clean and tidy, lots of trees and greenery which I love, friendly people facilities are excellent and the Marina tea rooms are so relaxed and welcoming. You know when you go to a new place and it all feels strange, it takes a while to settle? It never felt strange here from day one.

I recently put a post on my face book saying that if boats could smile Tickety Boo would have a huge grin on her bow, but in the meantime I will smile for both of us!

Financially I have had to tighten my purse strings, but the extra expense is worth every penny for the peace of mind I now have, so much so I have decided to bore you all with my blog posts once more!

I have been off the past week feeling run down with a cold and all the stress of the past few weeks, not the nicest of periods in my life but now firmly put behind me. I once again have lots to look forward to.

I will over the coming weeks and months hopefully have interesting things to waffle on about on here so apologies in advance!

I have to add just before I go, aren't friends and family wonderful when you are having a tough time? I have such lovely people surrounding me and know how lucky I am. I have a lovely family who are always there for me. Also a lovely man who has been in my life for the past 4 years.  We are having problems and worries just now but I know given time we will get through it and it will be sorted one way or another. I am 60 in two years time and I want to live the rest of my life being happy, whatever that takes to achieve  I will strive towards...