Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm Back!

Well, I didn't really go anywhere to be honest, but my trusty old laptop gave up the ghost. After being hammered for five years, it had finally had enough and given up!

I am now the proud owner of a new laptop, courtesy of my new 02 contract, I renewed at the beginning of the month. The laptop was a, "gift" mmmm, you don't really get anything for nothing, but it was the only way I was going to get another laptop, I couldn't afford to just go and buy one. So I have a new phone and laptop from 02, and a Wifi thingy majig from 3. My previous dongle was 3, so decided to stay with them, as my internet on the boat was always quite good with them.

Armed with my laptop and little wifi box, I decided to set the whole thing up, how hard could that be? The lovely young man in the 3 shop said it was a doddle to set up.....three hours later the laptop was becoming scarily close to being launched through the open side hatch! I tried to put my personal wifi code into the computer, time and time again but couldn't get on line, I was fast running out of patience. The signal strength was high on the little wifi box but my laptop just would not connect, doddle he said grrrrr!

I had all about given up, decided to take the whole kit and caboodle back to the 3 shop the next day, so the lovely young man could show me his doddle skills! I just happened to take a last look at the wifi code I was supposed to tap in, this time I looked under a bright light, only to discover one of the digits that looked like the number 1, was in fact the letter i ..... I retried and hey presto it worked.....then again it would with the right code wouldn't it?

We had a lovely ten days on the boat in the Salthouse Dock Liverpool. We decided to go when the french giants where in town, it was brilliant and the gorgeous weather was a bonus!

I haven't managed to upload any photos yet, that's another challenge that lies ahead, this laptop is so different from my old one, so if the code took me three hours to type in, heaven only knows how long it will take me to fathom out how to get photos on here! 

I have lived with my lovely new decor for nearly a year now and I love it, my new galley colour scheme being my favourite. the shelf I mentioned in my previous post is all done and up on the wall, I am so pleased with it!

So from being all tatty and dirty in Mum's garage, painted and cut down to fit, it finishes off the galley perfectly!

I love revamping things, you just get so much satisfaction out of seeing the transformation.

I have since added little led fairy lights around the shelf, it will look nice and cosy for the winter!

Talking of winter, my fire is in urgent need of a revamp, it needs new glass and rope, new liners and the fire cement around the joints needs replacing, not to mention a new chimney for the roof! I will then give it a good clean and paint with stove paint, pictures of progress in another post! Luckily I have gas central heating as a stand in until the fire is up and running!

Well, it is a pleasure to blog
again on my new laptop, hopefully I will post at more regular intervals!

Talking of boat stoves, don't they look sad and dreary in the summer when not lit, sitting in the corner looking all dark and dismal.....I decided to do something about that a few years ago. I put fairy light string balls in there with weather cones and whatever else I fancy, it just gives it a bit of life in the summer months, they can easily be removed and put away when
it is time to light the fire!

Looking forward to cosy winter nights, in with Dan on the boat. 
After ten years with Tickety Boo, the novelty still hasn't worn off, I love everything it involves, every season has it's magic! I now have someone to share that magic with...