Monday, April 25, 2011

In the Pink!

After my last post, I had a few comments about Winnie the pink wheel barrow. One was off Chris, thank you, saying I will have to get pink wellies to match! Well as you will see from the photo below, I have them already and wore them in the snow last winter. May I just add at this point the left one now lets in water! Thank you very much Lidl for your crap wellies! I had to wade into the cut when I was blacking the boat on the slipway, and that was when I very quickly  discovered the leak in the left wellie, lovely!!

PICT0055 My life at the minute seems to be infused with Pink. The piccy at the head of my blog, this one below                         


is the gorgeous blossom tree I sit under while I wait for the bus to work, ( when I have no pedal energy you understand)!  You don’t see many bus stops as pretty as this one do you?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Busy Week!

Quite a hectic week. Tickety Boo now has a nice new shiny black bottom! I took the boat out on to the local slipway, she was out for four days and I managed to get four coats on, one of red oxide and three of the black stuff! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Andy, who kindly jet washed the boat for me, and Mark who used the grinder with a wire brush to rid her of any rust before the painting started. Mark then helped with a couple of the coats, invaluable help indeed, and much appreciated!

PICT0003 PICT0002Tickety, ready for her first coat.

I actually stayed on the boat while on the slipway, quite odd walking up a hill to get to the Saloon! Even more odd, getting out of bed and promptly running towards the stern door, not my intention! I did however compensate for the slant, I wore a flat shoe on one foot and a platform on the other and walked sideways for the duration of my stay! The only mishap, was when a four pint, yes I did say FOUR pint carton of milk fell off the work top, only to explode when it hit the floor and sent a river of milk cascading down the boat. You have no idea how four pints looked like two gallons, and the speed it ran down the boat. I was horrified, and prepared myself for the Farmers cheese market smell that would surely follow this catastrophe!  I raided the under sink cupboard, and every bottle of cleaner and disinfectant I could find was thrown on the carpet after the milk was soaked up with bath towels!! I can thankfully say the “Farmers Cheese Market” smell I was dreading, didn’t last long just a slight whiff of babybel now and again!! I have since scrubbed the carpet twice with carpet cleaner, and it has actually come up quite well!


All done and dusted! Thank you Mark for all your help x

Oh and talking of Mark………After working away for a couple of days, he said in a phone call he would bring me back a present, a bar of rock maybe, bottle of red? No, this is Mark we are talking about! He was fed up with the rusty old bucket of a wheel barrow I had been using for coal, shopping etc, sooooo here is my present……..

2011-04-18 19.09.50How gorgeous is that? So I now have a new addition to the Tickety Boo family, a lilac bike called Lilly, and now a pink wheel barrow, any idea’s on a name please?? I was thinking Winnie, but I am open to suggestions! Mark, as always, you are a star!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mrs Puddle Duck and her brood!

PICT0005This is the first family of Ducklings I have seen this Spring.  I counted eighteen all together!!


Surprised there are no yellow Ducklings as mum is so white!


I think she just counted them! Quite apt for Mothers Day!