Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have been deleting items on my lap top. On doing so I deleted my bookmarks, one of which was my Blog. I Googled, Life Afloat On Narrow Boat Tickety Boo, to bookmark it again, only to find a blog that’s blatantly taken snippets from my blog to use on their site, so annoying!!  Why? They are my words chosen to describe my Blog and Posts? Ahh well I will just take it as a compliment that they have stolen them, as they think my writing is better than anything they can come up with.. Buggers!!

On  brighter note, Spring has sprung!! Not so as you would notice by the temperature! All the other signs are here though, Ducks mating, daffs and other Spring bulbs making an appearance, crisp blue skies with brilliant white clouds…and if I am up early enough, the Bunnies brave enough to graze the grass on the opposite towpath, lovely!

Today is my first day of nine days off work!! I don’t need to tell you workers out there how good that feels!!  Unfortunately we can’t go out on the boat, which is very frustrating…here’s why….

Before and After….

   PICT0002 PICT0018  PICT0019 PICT0020

The bridge at the end of our mooring is being repaired, a huge job, fascinating to watch, but I hate to see the normally tranquil Canal looking like this. Hopefully it will all be back to the way it was soon!

So, back to my nine days off! Tomorrow my youngest gorgeous little Munchkin, Darcy, is having her first Birthday party! I am looking forward to it sooo much, as all the family will be there, so it will be a lovely day! Danny is coming with me to make it even nicer!

For those of you who don’t know, Danny and I have been seeing each other for just on a Year, I would just like to know where he has been all my life? He says I am a breath of fresh air, ( he so must have been living in smog a while)!! He too is my breath of fresh air and we are very happy….ask us at the end of the week after we have spent 24/7 together, if that is still the case!!

Joking aside, I am looking forward to some well earned quality time with my Man !

Without getting too mushy, this quote I found on good old Face book sums it all up really….


Danny is my someone…..thank you Ding….just for the record, it’s your turn to make the coffee!!

Ooohhh just realised, I hold my hand up for being a bit of a hypocrite using this quote on my blog, my thanks to the original Author whoever you are, I give you full credit for these words. Pity my thief didn’t thank me for mine….


Unknown said...

Hio debs
Long time no blog. Hope you are well. Are you sure it wasn't just a link to your blog page?

Isabella Shores said...

Wow they are really working on that bridge. Don't worry about people nicking your words, it is a compliment as you said ;)

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Carol, Yes I am well thanks. I don't think it was a link it was just snippets of my writing plonked in here and there! I am so over it now, pointless being annoyed, there is nothing I can do!Hope your well too, and lovely to hear from you, nice to know my blog is still being read :).

Thank you for your lovely comment Isabella. The Canal is now full of water again, they have made a fantastic job of the bridge repair. They are now rebuilding the steps down to the towpath again, it will be lovely being able to access the towpath again from that bridge , it has been out of commission a long time, so I am a happy boater!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray, she's returned. Good to have you back Debs

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thank you Peter :)