Thursday, April 02, 2009

To go back to the very beginning..... Chapter 2

I have decided I don't want to delve back into the past, a lot of it was horrible but more of it was great. We sold our House, made a profit and was able to have our fully fitted Narrowboat built. Just to skim over passed events our builders went bust after taking £36,000 off us. To say we were devastated doesn't quite describe the total despair we felt. Granted we were fools to part with that much money but we had trust in our builders. Anyway we got the boat out of there before the recievers came in. We had well and truly paid for her, she was our boat even if she looked far from the fully fitted we had been paying for. We moved her to another builders who rented us space for two weeks. We couldn't pay them to do any work on her because we had no more money. She had no windows no doors, no engine, nothing. We managed to scrape enough money together to buy another engine and to have it fitted. For two weeks we worked solid on the boat. Myself, John and my brother whose also called John pulled out all the stops to get Tickety Boo at least water tight so we could get her to her mooring.. I have to say at this point, we could never have got to where we are now without my brother and my Mums help they have both been brilliant. Also my " Bob the Builder" John, who has worked hard to fit out the boat. We both worked together to get the boat we dreamt of and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears and five years down the line we are getting there. She is a work in progress but the interior is finished, now to get the out side as nice as the inside! We never gave up on our Tickety Boo and she is paying us back for all our hard work by taking us out along the waterways. We have been to Skipton, to the Anderton Boat Lift and on to the Weaver, The Preston River Festival not to mention all the little cruises inbetween. We have our whole future on Tickety to look forward to. We are a lot lighter in the pocket due to a loan we had to take out to finish the job, but that will be finished soon, and so to the future. Never give up on your dream!


Anonymous said...

Welcome from me too. Thanks for folowing SONFOWER'S LOG. I am following you now. Isn't this fun.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Eeyore. Thanks for following my blog. Your right it is good fun! The only problem is getting anything else done while I'm busy reading all the great blogs. I spend hours reading them. I will have to limit myself.