Monday, January 04, 2010

Brass Monkeys!

Its freezing, the canal is hard the grass is crispy and I have a bruise on my backside, (don’t laugh)!

I slipped on the ice, flat on my back, legs up in the air, very lady like! Well to be honest I had called in to the farm shop with my Mum, and managed to fall over, I didn’t hurt myself, thankfully, I just felt like a right plonker!

Bobby my dog goes out on the back deck every morning and takes up his position, looking for dogs coming down the opposite towpath. He was a bit confused when he looked at the frozen canal, but after looking at the solid mass for a while it was soon forgotten when he spied a dog coming!PICT0004  He loves being on the boat watching the world go by, he sits for hours. I have let his coat grow for the winter to keep him warm! He looks a bit like a hippy, but I love him like that.

Well, according to the weather forecast we are in for more of the same, more snow and ice. Its funny the amount of people who ask me am I warm enough on the boat. I can understand them thinking that. The boats do look quite cold and uncosy from the outside, but if only they could see the inside, its toasty warm, in fact I would go as far as to say its warmer than any house I have lived in. So as long as I have plenty of wood and coal for the fire, the cold weather isn’t a problem!

I will hopefully be even warmer next year as I want to get an Ecofan, and thanks to Halfie saying how good they are, it will be top of next winters shopping list! PICT0003

   After such a cold day this was the gorgeous view from the side hatch, of the sun going down.                                                                                                                                                  click on image to enlarge


Halfie said...

Lovely sunset photo, Debbie.

I've just had to take off my extra jumper sitting here with the Ecofan blowing hot air at me! (Only -0.5C outside here in Norfolk at the moment - I bet it's colder where you are!)

Debbie said...

Thank you Halfie, thats praise indeed! It is very cold here, but cosy on the boat! I am so glad you have tried and tested the Ecofan. Its nice to know it will be money well spent!