Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Straight Jacket required!

I have a great Mum, who on many occasions has helped me through difficult times. It wouldn’t do to tell you all how old she is, she would kill me. So to give you some idea of her age, I am fifty and Mum is twenty two years older, oops!

When we had the real bad weather, snow and ice, you would think a lady of her years would be wrapped up warm indoors, with a nice hot drink and swooning while listening to her Daniel O'Donnell Cd, but oh no not my Mum!

Here is the photographic evidence of what she got up to, if any of you were in any doubt as to where I got my streak of madness from, here is your  answer!                                                                                                                                                                       PICT0013 PICT0010  My Mum just got this overwhelming urge to go out in the garden and build this lovely Snowman!


       Not content with letting the neighbours know how mad she is, Mum decided to throw herself on the floor to make a snow angel, this would leave onlookers in no doubt that action would have to be taken………….

              Straight Jacket on order!!

Joking aside, Mum is one in a million, and I won’t hold it against her that she has passed her, loopy genes on to me!



Anonymous said...

A lot of people were doing 'naked' snow angels - did mum partake in that activity :-O

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

I think she would draw the line at doing an Angel naked, Hypothermia would have posed a problem I think!!


Miss Ann Thrope said...

Your Mum's not mad, she's living life to the full. Good for her!